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Killing cats against the law?

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I know this is probably in the wrong place, but if there are a group of cats going to the "bathroom" in your garden, are you allowed to threaten to kill then by capturing them, and then giving them to your dog to rip apart?

Its not me, its a neighbor, who said that he will come into our garden and capture our cats... Should it be reported to the RSPCA?

If I do report it, will it be confidential and what do i say?
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Yes report it, and yes everything is confidential.

Just tell them everything that's been said.
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would they remove his dog off him? or anything like that?
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I wouldn't have thought so if the dog hadn't done anything in the first place?. But if you seriously think he would do such a thing i would definitely have a quiet word with the RSPCA.

If he made that remark to me i would be telling him that i've reported the remark with them just so he knows if anything did happen he'd be the first port of call.

This is the problem when cats are let outside to use other peoples gardens as a toilet, so really it's best that they be kept inside at all times with a litterbox, then that way you know their safe.

Why, if it's happening in your garden is he saying this though?, they must be using his as well are they?
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thats the thing, i am 100% sure that they wont go in their garden, they go in our back garden, in a corner where its easy to clean up.

They will not use a litter box now.

the neighbors garden is off-limits to them, if they go in there, they course trouble with the neighbors cats who territories it really is... thats how i know, their they go out front, wont go across the road, whose the people who are saying its our cats...

the really funny thing is, it happens when they are in my own room, when im there so i know for 100% sure its not them.

how to train your cat to not use litter box, but use your garden... have a stones, and mix it with a little litter, they think its their new litter box... very simple to clean...

they pee in the plants... lol
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i would definitely report it not only to the RSPCA but also log it with the police. he is threatening to kill your pets and that is illegal. anyone who is sick enough to make threats like that should not be trusted.
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He has sent a note to us, saying

He knows its not our cats, but he just gets so annoyed
He didn't mean any-of it, and he said that he would never hurt an animal

He said that he is just looking out for a little girl that lives with him, but he dont pick up his dogs poo in the streets, and the cat poo is in the plant area...

its very funny to be honest, why would a girl about 7 years old play with plants?

my question

What deceases can you get from cat poo
What deceases can you get from dog poo
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Maybe she wants to learn to garden? And BTW, he may also have realized that he made a legal threat to you and is now trying to back off, afraid of repercussions. But he also threatened to trespass, and that's illegal too. I would make every effort though to somehow either fence in your garden (7' high and with no square inch they can get through OR under anywhere), or use a cat enclosure (lots around) to keep them out of his yard because they are the ones doing the trespassing and you will be the one in court if you don't control them.
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they never go in that garden, they did when they was like a 6weeks old and hte dog scared them, they will not go in, they sit on fence, but will not go in, not even for a mouse...
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Oh, you did say that, didn't you. Maybe you could get that neighbour to straighten things out? Hope everything does get resolved.
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following the note, i think its all resolved now...
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I don't know pal, sounds like you and your little friends should sleep with one eye open!
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