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Oh my, how scary that must've been for you! I'm relieved to hear everyone is alright!
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What a relief! Thinking of all of you.
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Thank God they are safe and you got word
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I'm glad they turned up safe and well. What a fright for you.
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I'm so glad they called & are safe! for you
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Ok here's a recap of what happend. DH actually just got back here around 7:30 tonight.

DH and my FIL were in the Bear Town Wilderness area off of a forest service road when they started the hike. My FIL had been in the area before with some people who knew it well. The plan was to 'bushwack' a short distance onto a trail...problem was they never found the trail. They had no cell service there and going back the way they came was hard. They were going to be making a loop (the plan was to do that anyway!!!). So when it got dark and foggy they decided it was safer to hike down the mountain. (Through lots of rhododendron he said ) and they eventually found that man's home in some town called Burks Garden. They had started near Tazwell.

He was nice enough to let them rest in his living room there. DH didn't take his sweatshirt hoodie that he'd brought. It was in the car. He had a windbreaker on over his 2 cotton shirts.

They rested there till about 10 and then they had to hike back up to the using a road and a real trail this time!!!! I think the gentleman might have given them a ride but he had to work earier so they were on their own. DH called me around 5 saying they'd gotten back to the car and were getting coffee and heading back.

I'd actually gone to get some dinner with my MIL and DH's Grandma (no one wanted to cook...we were just spent, plus DH's step-dad had our nephew at baseball practice) so no one was here to greet him. We did bring him back some dinner though. He's a little burnt on his face, arms, and head (DH is a nice fair redhead) and his lips look burnt and chapped. He's got some nice blisters on his feet and he's walking like a stiff old man at this point.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you all from the bottom of my heart! I wanted to check in sooner, but like I said before, the computer is in my in-laws bedroom so it's harder to get to it. I'm off to have some ice cream with the family now!
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How scary! I'm so glad to hear that they're okay! Have you heard from them again??

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My gosh what an orderal. So glad they both made it home safe and sound!
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Wow. I am so glad they are okay. How scary to read your post! I cannot imagine what it must have been like for you!!
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
Wow. I am so glad they are okay. How scary to read your post! I cannot imagine what it must have been like for you!!
sending healing for your DH - he sounds really sore!
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I just want to thank you guys again for all your prayers and well wishes!

DH was pretty sore and tired for a few days after his little adventure as we are now calling it. I'm not quite laughing about it yet. It took me a bit to not feel like I was walking in a fog, and a few more days to not feel like an empty shell. I think it's taken me longer to get through this than it has for him!

We're home now but we had dinner last night with his father and his sisters and I really just found myself closing right up when anyone started talking about it. His Dad had a few pictures for him from early in the hike and he wanted to discuss the whole thing, but thankfully I was able to sort of just continue a conversation with one SIL while he talked to DH. This was after the Memorial Service for DH's Grandma (his father's mother) so I don't think that helped matters.

I'm just glad it all ended well. I'm glad to be home and I'm ready to get back to a normal routine. In a way I feel like I need another vacation.
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Isn't it amazing how quickly a simple little plan can go wrong? They are very, very lucky.

When you do get past the emotional side of this, you might want to read Stephen King's book, "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon." It's about something similar to this "adventure."

But wait until you feel a lot better!
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