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Meet Bodlover's new pet!

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This is Matilda, they call her Tilly. She is a Royal Python. Currently she is 4 weeks old and about 1.5 feet long. When she is full grown she will be 4 to 6 feet in length. Rhea sent me these pics to share with you!
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Wow, what a snake!! Thanks for sharing.

I'm also thankful that the snake is in her house and not mine!


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Aw - Tilly is beautiful!!! I love pythons.
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Very pretty, but I have to agree with Kass. I'm really happy that the snake lives in Rhea's house and not mine!!!!
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yikes! she's braver than me!

it's lovely (for a snake.)
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How lovely. I just have this policy of not owning anything that might one day eat me in my sleep.... But I do like those colors.
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awww i like snakes!
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What a beautiful snake! I snakes!

I eventually want to be owned by a Ball Python!
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I suppose Matilda is cute in her own little snake way...
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She's great! The only thing I don't like about snakes is having to feed them live prey. At least they don't need three square meals a day!
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What a sweety, I like snakes
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I was just wondering how the cats and snake co-exist? I know it would have spooked my two. I dont beleive there would have been harmony in the house.
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I like snakes too! As long as they aren't poisenous!!! I had my picture taken at the State Fair two years ago with a HUGE Python wrapped around my neck!!!
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Bod says cats and snake will not meet! I did tell her that the kitties will be jealous when she feeds Tilly a live mouse and they don't get one!
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I hate snake's!
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Icky, icky, icky!!!
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I have been cutting down on our pets so I can spend more time with my kitties. We just rehomed our Ball Python. I will really miss it. At least all our pets have gone to friends homes, so we can visit! The cats would be too hard to let go as they are my sweet babies.
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