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Talking cat!

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I own 3 cats, and I recently discovered that one of them talks. I don't mean she meows a lot, I mean she imitates human speech! A month or so ago, I just thought it was a fluke, so I said words to her to see if she'd repeat it. She did! A few weeks ago, I started asking her to say a word before I'd fill her food dish, and she does! So far she says ok, fine, momma, yeah and hi. Today she said her name, which is Sweetie. I know birds can imitate human speech and even learn to talk. At my local aviary there was a crow named Mickey who had a vocabulary of about 20 words. But I never heard of a cat talking. Anyone else ever had a cat who talks?
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Seldon talks.
He says Hello and Mama.
He also makes noises like a question when he actually has a question.
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That's quite amazing Sandalwood!

I've heard cats saying words but this is the first time I heard one uttering her name.
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I've only seen videos of talking cats. It's adorable... the talkative ones are cute too. Here are some videos! =)

Talking Cat
Meowy Cat
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Welcome to TCS!

Oliver and Rocky can say "Mom," and Rocky has said "No" on a couple of occasions when I've told him to stop doing something.

My RB calico Peaches used to say, "No," too. If you asked her, "Peaches, are you a bad cat?" she'd say, "Niaooo."
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Our Tom Tinker (RIP) had me-in, me-out, meat, milk and a couple others in his vocabulary. The neighbor even heard him speak. <---Neighbor
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Gracie can "say" Really?" and Casey "says" Mama, Maw, and no.
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My first cat could say a few words that were close to human sound - Milk, Out, Now, No - were a few of them.

He would ask to go Out and if he didn't say it clear (with the t) then I'd ask him and again and emphasize the t on the end - which he did.

I've seen a video on UTube/Metacafe with the talking cats - its amazing
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chloe does that too. shes says mama, hi, hello, yeah, and a couple other words. patchy says NOW!!! when she wants food. i wish my phone recorded video.
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Thanks for your answers, everyone. I'm glad to hear that others have talking cats too. My previous cat, whom I had for 17 years, would say yeah, but that's about it. She did communicate by thumping her tail though.
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last winter, my mom swears she heard patches asking her to play with her & told her she needed water; she asked her a few other things too (i cant remember what all it was) and my mom still swears to it today.

mom isnt the type to make stuff like this up let alone tell others. she hasnt heard her say anything else but wonders if it IS because she told others. patchy acted really funny for a couple of weeks after mom told my grandma and i that patchy had talked to her.

you never know about ppl's bond with their animals. they may be calling us mama and telling us no. then again, we might all need tinfoil hats lol
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My boyfriends RB cat, Cato, could say "water". He liked to drink from the drippy tub faucet so when he wanted that he would pace up and down the lower landing saying Waaah.. wah.... Waaaah- wah.

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