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How often do you eat dessert?

Me: almost never. The only times are usually when I am eating out with friends and we are tempted by something on the menu. We often share.

I have never been a big lover of sweets, so just eating a meal is satisfying to me.
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If we have people over we buy dessert, and we occasionally buy ice cream, but it's not a regular thing. I usually have a cup of tea after dinner which is satisfying enoug for me.
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I usually only eat dessert on holidays or if I go to Applebees. I can usually pass up desserts at restaurants but Applebees has the best maple butter blondie (I think thats what its called).
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I eat dessert all day long. I have a giant sweet tooth so I'm always snarfing something with sugar in it.
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We don't get dessert out at restaurants, but home we'll sometimes have ice cream.
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I am a sucker for Breyers natural vanilla icecream, with drizzled honey.
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Don't eat it too often. About the only place I get dessert is at 1-Cheesecake Factory the strawberry shortcake and 2- any place that sells pizookie if any of you know what that is.
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It depends on how often it's available. If it's there, I'll eat it. If it's not, then I won't.
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At my house, we never have dessert The times we get it is usually for holidays or every once in awhile at a restauraunt.
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When we dine out once in a while we will have some. In the summer ice cream is what we usually have or stop for. I usually only make any desserts at home when company is coming over or other special occasions!!
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I do eat dessert but usually it is fruit, or fruit and yogurt..Ice Cream, Pies, Cakes or really sweet treats only on special occasions..
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We like a little sweet after dinner and have something most nights -- usually fruit or ice cream or sometimes I'll make a crumble that does us a couple of nights -- sometimes it's just a bit of nice chocolate with the last of our wine. For special dinners, I always do dessert of some sort. When we go out, though, tempting as the desserts often are, we seldom have room for it.
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It depends on how often it's in the house. I try not to eat too much, but I have dessert maybe a couple times a week.
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not out at restaurants, unless its something really special.

I have been making cherry crumble for the past few days with australian custard YUM!!!!!!!
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I eat dessert almost every night.
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Most nights my dessert is a fruit flavoured yoghurt...and at weekends when we have family round on a Sunday, it's something like a cheesecake, fruit strudel or chocolate gateaux

I'm pretty much a sucker for sweet things
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