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Meet Dooley, our Italian Greyhound

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Hi everyone! I know I've been extremely absent here lately, but I'm in my last semester of grad school (Yay!) and that and work have kept me busy.
Anyway, we have a new addition to the family. My husband has wanted an Italian Greyhound forever (they're his favorite breed). His mom rescues animals for an animal rescue group and last week she convinced a guy who kept his IG tied to a pole outside all day,every day (), to sell him to her at a bargain price. Then she called and told us that she had an 8-month-old IG and we were sold; it was love at first sight.
We've been very cautious as to how we'd introduce Dooley (we named him after legendary UGA athletic director Vince Dooley) to the girls. We've done it gradually (much in the same way I introduced Cosette to Eponine) and today we brought him over for a little while and all three animals were in the same room and CALM! So it looks like he's going to be fine with the kitties and vice-versa.
Dooley gets neutered on Friday and then will be coming home to live with us permanently this weekend. Until then, here are our first pictures of Dooley, taken at my mother-in-law's house this weekend. Enjoy!

Hanging out with Milly, a fellow rescue dog and his new best friend

Snuggling up to his rescuer, my m-i-l

Gotta love that face!

I like this silhouette

Playing peek-a-boo

This was my first time really holding him and he just conked out!
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Awww, what a cutie!
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Yes, a cutie, and nice to hear from you again!
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Awwwww!! What a sweetheart!

Amy, so great to see you around again!
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I love Greyhounds, and Italian Greyhounds are just pint sized versions of their bigger cousins!

Dooley is a sweetie pie!
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Oh I Love IG's! They're way too "fragile" & tiny for me, though. They'd get broken by my mooses of dogs!

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What an adorable little guy Thanks for rescuing him - what an awful way to live
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Thanks everyone! We are quite partial to our Dooley dog, too . He just stole our hearts right away.

Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Oh I Love IG's! They're way too "fragile" & tiny for me, though. They'd get broken by my mooses of dogs!

You're so right! They are fragile guys! Apparently he has already suffered a broken leg when he was a couple of months old, so we're very very cautious with him. Fortunately, all he has to contend with are the drama queens, and he's doing fine holding his own so far!
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What a total doll baby!!!
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I Love Iggies! I've wanted one for years.

So adorable.. congrats!
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Dooley is such a precious dog! I love that sweet face of his and his colors are beautiful too!
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a cutie!!!
I LOVE Italian greyhounds.I hope he fits in well with you guys!
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I adore Iggies, they look so elegant even just sitting there doing nothing.
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What a cutie!! I also love Iggies. My sister has five of them in her pack. They are the most loveable cuddly critters. If you need breed specific information, IG's do have some quirks, there is some great information on an IG forum that she belongs to. I can pm you the info.
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Aww, why do they always look slightly afraid? I'd love one of those, and I would name her 'Mouse'!
Is an 'Italian Greyhound' what we in England call a Whippet?
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An Italian Greyhound is smaller than a Whippet. Whippets are around 35 lbs, Iggies are usually around 10 lbs. (Greys are up around 80 lbs by the way).
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I still can't get over how cute he is!!!!
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The whippets we have here are pretty tiny. My friend has two and they're as small if not smaller than Dooley... And the quiver nearly all the time, I think they're cold but she says not...
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Aww, he's so cute! I've always liked greyhounds..
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I'm so happy your MIL rescued this sweet dog. I can't see the pictures here at work but can't wait to look when I get home.

I've only ever actually seen one in person and it was a lovely thing.
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