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Six years ago today.. my life changed forever. Six years ago today.. we were all at the hospital saying goodbye to my Dad. I do feel fortunate though.. because.. I atleast got the chance to say goodbye. Some people don't get that chance.

As I was watching my nephew today.. I couldn't help but think.. my dad is never going to get to see his grandson grow up. I will make sure that little Alejandro knows who his grandfather is and the wonderful man that he was.
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So sorry about that. I didnt get to the Hospital before my Mom died and have felt cheated ever since. My Mom never got to see my 2 Younger Sisters Grow up or her Grandsons. Im glad you got to say Goodbye. I did go in the room after my Mom died.
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I didn't get to say bye to my dad before he died. He was doing great and then was gone within a couple of hours.

It is sad thinking that my dad will never see his grandkids too.
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