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Cat takes his (and everyone else's!) collar off

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My four year old neutered male cat is being integrated into spending a bit of time outside under supervision. The problem is he takes his collar off all the time (which has our contact details on it).

I have tried all different types of collars and he just hooks a dew claw into the collar under his chin and slips it off over his head. He also takes off his buddy Missy's collar for her and I have seen him try on the dogs (though he is yet to succeed).

After years of him miaowing at windows and doors, putting holes in flyscreens and trying to dart past me when I go in and out the house, I took the hint and am letting him have a little play outside.

He is microchipped but I am concerned that he would have to make it to the pound for it to be read, which is very unlikely with a cat. I have replaced so many collars and paid for so much engraving! When he sees me holding new collar the chase is on!

Any ideas how I can get him to keep his collar on or a collar he may not get off? Until then he is looking out the window with a sad face!
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The collar needs to be tight enough so that you can only get one finger underneath. If he can still get it off that way, then maybe he has a double-jointed jaw :-)!
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Maybe he will need to be hooked to a harness and leash rather then a collar. Or you will have to look into the cat enclosures where he can be outside but protected without the collar.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Maybe he will need to be hooked to a harness and leash rather then a collar.
I totally agree. All my cats do not like collars but they are comfortable with a harness.
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Even if the collar is fitting well, there are some cats who are just good at taking theirs off. (It's hilarious that yours is taking the collars off of other animals.)

I think if you've got a microchip as a backup, then it's probably okay. If your cat were lost, even a vet's office would be able to detect the chip... the cat wouldn't necessarily have to end up at a shelter to be read.

My cat is a collar Houdini. Though he associates it with going outside, so he's eager to have it put on. Once he even came back in the house, neatly took his collar off on the doormat, and lay down. Pretty smart.
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I have no helpful advice, though I also think it's pretty cunning that he's taking off other animals' collars... so kind of him!

But I can share a funny story about a harness. My beau wanted to be able to take his kitty outside, so he got a harness. He put it on the kitty, Arc, and brought him out into the backyard, and set him down. Arc immediately, and literally, fell over as though his front legs were paralyzed. Beau checked the harness over, made sure it was snug but not too tight, stood Arc back up, same exact effect. He tried it a couple times, Arc just kept behaving as though he couldn't move his front legs, even to the point of shoving himself around with only his back legs.

Beau thought, ok, well, odd, but nothing is wrong, maybe he just needs to get used to it. He tied the harness onto a tree, and ran back inside to get a drink, came back out one minute later... Empty harness, cat nowhere in sight.

Lesson: never trust a cat.

(Don't worry, Arc came back after only a few minutes.)
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Ramsay acts like the harness it killing him. He just falls over and rubs on everything. That was my mistake because he only gets his harness on when he is going on a roadtrip (we use it in place of a carrier). With Gus we started putting on the harness and playing with him, or putting it on then feeding him his dinner, so he has no bad association with the harness. As a result, he's perfectly comfortable in it and will go outside (on a leash only), go visit people's houses, no issues with the vet, etc.
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My Figget will take her collar off and bring it back HOME. She thinks this is funny. Me, I'm going to micochip, none of mine will keep a collar and tag on longer than a day

good luck
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I have yet to encounter this, (actual removal of the collar), but I have changed the way I buy/use collars. I usually discard any bells or hangings and just get them embroidered with the cat's name and my number on the collar. I'm looking into maybe purchasing some reflective collars and having the same done to them, (switching them out when finished).

I also do microchipping as a back-up!
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One of my cats used to get out of his collars but not anymore. I finally learned to tighten them.

I think the fact that your cat removes the other collars is hilarious too. Funny cat.
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