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Going to the Modesto Nuts game tonight!!!

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I know its only Minor League Baseball but we still watch. tonight is opening Night. We might go to the A's or the Giants this season too.
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Have fun. I've never been to a minor league game but have always wanted to go. The Reds have a AA affiliate in Dayton, about an hour north of here, one of these days I'll manage to make it to a game.
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This is my first time too. I always go to Major League Games.
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I wanna come I LOVE minor-league! I've always wanted to see the Sacramento RiverCats. I have gone to the Lancaster Jets, the Nashville Sounds and the Adelanto Mavericks. It's fun to see the players up close and even talk to them; I especially love it when a player that I've met gets called up to the big leagues!! have fun tonight!!!
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We Drove past Raley field a few Weeks ago. The Modesto Nuts won in the bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs. It was 4-1 until the 9th Inning and the Nuts won 5-4. A Foul Ball landed right behind us and it a Kid in the chest hard. He screamed and they took him to the Medic Staion. I hope he will be ok. His Parents said he was but he had a Bruise. They left right after.
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Exciting end to the ball game. Hope the kid is ok.

Yesterday, I went to my first MLB game since the last opening day at the old Riverfront Stadium in 2002. The Reds lost but it was nice to get out, enjoy a beautiful afternoon and watch some ball.
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It is Nice going. It was 53 outside. It should be hot next time we go. I have not been to a Baseball Game in Years either. Did you eat at the Game too. I ate to much.
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I didn't eat much at all. I had a BBQ chicken sandwich and a diet pepsi at the game but that was it. I've been working on changing my diet around for the last week and didn't want to stray too far from it.
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I had a Coke and was kinda bad. I had Pizza and a Corn Dog and Cracker Jacks. I am on a Diet and will be good the rest of the week. I can drink anything diet because i get very bad Migraines.
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