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cat driving me crazy

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you all know about kahu, my deaf kitten. he is incredibly hyperactive, runs around all the time, shreds everything, knocks everything down - dont get me wrong, hes a sweetheart, but he has those moments when i cant handle it LOL he is 7 months old, and is this normal kitten behaviour? sometimes i just want a quiet day and hes not an aggressive cat so i dont see the benefit of giving him rescue remedy - i would only use it as a last resort - any tips on how to stay calm while hes in those moods and thats every day, especially in the mornings.
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Erm, all 3 of my adult babies are like this and always have been. We can't put ANYTHING anywhere near the edge of a desk or counter or it WILL be jumped on or purposly knocked down, mostly by Asim, but Asim just keeps on teching Tage more and more bad habits.
I'll have guests over who set their juice glass's on our counter and I'll be like "uhh, you don't want to do that."
I don't know if you saw those pictures of my apartment, but you'll notice that virutally everything I have out is BIG and pushed up against walls and corners. As for our desks they have been trained since they were kits not to get up there, so their pretty reliable for that.
Asim would make a game of knocking over all of my furniture every night, just something he did, I thought it was funny so I let him do it, I used to leave my make up, nail polish etc laid out on top of my dresser, he would knock all that down several times a day.

All I can say is try to put away any little nick nacks away that you can and just deal with your kitties antics

Personally I love watching a cat do these things, I think it's amusing! I like it when Asim throughs his water dish at me.
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Yes, I too have learned that if it is breakable and precious to me, it goes waaaay back on a high shelf, and better yet, in the china cabinet behind a closed glass door.

As far as desks go, I have never been able to train these guys to leave that alone. They in particular love the fax machine and will sit on the pages as they come out.

Kellye, he's just training you how to rearrange your house!
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Hi Kellye!!

i can relate... my 4-month old Venus is deaf as well.. she was born deaf.

The day i picked her up, driving en route home, i cried ... i guess i was feeling so bad for her, that she could not enjoy the jazz music that was on, etc... my heart was really painful that day...

At home, she is a rowdy one... a lot of times, when she catches Daisy (my other kitty) sleeping in her bed, she puts on her aggressive shoes, and starts attacking and "fighting" her till Daisy gets out of the bed!!:tounge2:

Also, many times, she plays with the furry toys in a very rough and aggressive manner.. i have to stand back and make room for her!!

Maybe they are just venting ... my Venus hardly speaks, and even when she opens her little mouth, she makes the softest noises... so, i just let her be, and let her vent and vent...

Just give your Kahu some toys to play with, it helps with my Venus... also, i play with her alot.. just clowning around throwing her favorite toys in the air and such.. she always enjoys catching them as they land... also, those interactive toys like snakes and feathers work well with her.

Good luck!!

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Because he is deaf, he is also fearless and he will be twice the rowdier for it. You have to come up with some sort of hand signal or vibration that he will understand is to mean that he needs to mellow.

Rescue Remedy does not work on all cats, but it may work on him. I would give him some active interactive time with a feather on a wand, or a toy attached to the end of an old fishing pole, and have scheduled play times with him for at least 10 minutes 3 times a day (if you can)
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oh yeah, we play with him quite often, i didnt think it would be the fearless thing. thanks for telling me about it. LOL

hes a little calm now, looking out the window.
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Hi! Our cat, who isn't deaf, was the same way up until about the age of eighteen months. He would go on for hours and hours. I had him checked for hyperthyroidism, etc. - nothing. A friend told me to make sure I wasn't feeding him anything with soybeans, because they can cause hyperactivity in children or dogs (she has a hyperactive child). It may have been a coincidence, but once I stopped feeding him stuff with soybeans, he calmed down quite a bit.
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