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What's the best name for your cat...

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that he doesn't want his friends to hear?

We used to call Wickett "Fuzzy Bloomers," because that's what he looked like he was wearing.

I call Punkin "Wiggle Butt," because he walks like a cheap floozy when he's walking in front of me, out to the food bowl or whatever.
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Pixie of coarse gets Pixie Stick all the time. She just gives me that are you talking to me stare and santers away.

Sassy has been Fuzzy Butt since he was a little guy, his fur actually curls on the backs of his legs which is really cute...

Linus well Linus also answers to Brat so that pretty much says it all..
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My neighbours have told me off for embarrassing Kitty

They knew him before he became a stray and then his name was Taz. Quite a butch name, they said. Then he strayed and I ended up keeping him and I didn`t know his name so I called him Kitty Poo Poo. The vet`s are always calling him `she` when they hear his name but I`m not changing his name now

People tell me he`s naughty because he has to prove he`s not a big girl
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I think Kitten needs a name, a better one, I just don't know anything that suits her. Any suggestions?
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Gracie wouldn't want anyone to know that we sometimes call her Bubbles McGoo.
Annabelle wouldn't want anyone to know that she's called Anna Banana, BananaBelle or Annabelle Lee she has to pee.
Elliott is sometimes called Mr. Kitty, Inside Kitty Boy, Fat White Monkey Boy and last but not least Ellie Jellie Bellie...he's a little bit to "Fluffy" if you get my drift
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Both of mine are affectionately known as "Love Bug" or "Doodlebug" (after the little daughter in "Something to Talk About"). I've been known to call Oliver "cochon de lait" (French for "piglet" or "suckling pig") because he's so plump.
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Originally Posted by DarLy View Post
I think Kitten needs a name, a better one, I just don't know anything that suits her. Any suggestions?
Post a pic on the "Fur Pics" forum and we'll come up with some ideas for you!
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fuzzy butt must be common cuz chloe an patchy both get called that lol! patchy gets called patchy-poo and patchy-poop; chloe just gets talked to in a baby voice
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Only Demetri has a nickname he likes to keep quiet - Fancy Pants. He says it's not very manly
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probably only Firefox... whose real name is 'Puter Bug [i even had it put on her tag, since she answers to it!].
the rest - just their nicknames - mr/ms something-pants [depending on the situation], & things that are derivations of their actual names [Cabes, Cableish, etc.]
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I call my Cleo Big Boy because he is so handsome and well built.
Mary is Mary Girl, My sweet girl, My wittle angel
Seldon is Selly or Selly Welly.

I think Cleo would hate it if it ever got out that I call him Cutie Patootie.
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milo is also known as trilly moon too tiny for toys. (yikes did i really admit to that!) and shinobi is *deep breath* hoba noba gobalin. tabitha is miss kylie whickers, as she is as small and petite as kylie, not!

hmm, i need help!
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Bijou probably since it's a female name and he's all boy.
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jim calls Salem - Puddy...or Puddy Tat...
he doesn't really answer to that
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Because Ripley is SOOOO BIG (She is only a year old TODAY and already wieghs 17 lbs), my grandpa calls her "You big Lux". And because Cali was SOOOO LITTLE when we adopted her (1 month and 1lb. 9 ounces) he calls her "PeeWee".

My sister and I call Ripley "Puppy" or "Puppers". We call her this because she acts like a "puppy" sometimes. There are times when Cali acts like a baby so we say "You're SUCH a BABY". Cali would HATE for anyone to know her two nicknames because when she isnt a "baby", she is a "Big Girl".
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I guess Skittles really wouldn't care what I called her in public. xD I usually call her either 'Precious' or 'Skitty Kitty.' She seems to like both well enough.

Peeki on the other hand..he probably would hate for anyone to know that I call him 'Boo Boo.' And 'Fuzz Head' and 'Smeekers.' xD I imagine it would embarass my poor darling quite a bit to be called one of those in front of his friends.
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Twix...oi, I can't even remember them all. Mama Moo and Fat Lady are her main 'embarrassing nicknames' (carried over from when she was prego ). Peep gets Porpoise, Tucker gets Tucksmylove - and yes, that's all one word!

Lady doesn't have any embarrassing ones I can think of right now...she does get called Lyddie Cat or Lyds a lot, but she just meeps at that.
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Bonnie, (family cat), was Bonnie "Boo Boo, Baby."

Jack is usually just Jack or "handsome."
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Ferd, our biggest boy is called Fat Ferd, or Ferdaluptus.

Murray we pretty much just say Murr or marvelous Murray

Lily, well, the day after we named her that I started calling her Lily Pad, then hubby shortened it to LP, which is what we call her most of the time, and she comes to that all the time.

Bob, well, you'd have to know him, but we call him Back Alley Bob, Bobbers, and a couple others. He likes Bobbers.

And Bonnie, well we call her Baby Bon-Bon, Bonners and most recently Tube, she is very tubular LOL. Because she barely has hair, she looks like a tube with legs, head and tail. She almost looks like an animated cartoon cat or garden figurine.
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Nova is our little "Poopy Paws"
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Jasmine has it the worst We call her : Sugar Momma, Sugars, Sugar Monster, Sugar Butt, Poopy Pants, Sugs

Kojak is also known as : Kojo Jojo, Jack Jack, Kojo, Kojo Mojo, Snotty Cat, "The Baby" (he's the baby out of all the animals)

Isabella is also known as: Izzy, Izzy Boo Boo, Bella Bee, Bella, Fluffy Butt, Izzy Boo, Izaboo, Izzy Bizzy, Busy little Izzy (she's ALWAYS up to something)

Vevlet is sometimes called: Velvie, Velveteen Rabbit,

As for the dogs:

Fosters is called: Foster Waster, Fluffy Butt, Squish Face, Squishy Pants, Mr. Man, Baby Squishy, Mr Squishy, Momma's little Aussie Baby

Whiskey we call: Whiskey Roo, Whiskey Roo Roo (he hops around like a kangaroo when he's excited lol), My little blonde baby, Whiskey Boy

i'm sure they're all humiliated
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right LOL, this is my partner's doing...

...sooo, don't ask!

Sparkle - Fartcake's/Cakey
Glamorous - Raggledy Smuff/Raggledy/Raggly
Izzy - Smizzy/Izz Wizz/Izz
Sassy - Smassy/Fluff

no doubt they'll be more to follow!
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we used to call dave - sausage face!
I bet he would have hated that to be heard
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I just adopted a two yr old female from a local rescue group, took me a few days to figure out a name. She's a little "full figured" so I was jokingly calling her chunky monkey...she started answering to Monkey it was (usually with chunky still
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Let's see, names they don't like their friends to hear:

Koko: Nut case
Eightball: Whack job
Scarlett: Seka
And any of them when I get made at them: *censored*
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Scooter is Scooter Pie or Poot. We got that from a Ron White comedy bit and thought it was hilarious, but you would have to know the context.
Fluffy is Fluffy Butt or Polly Prissypants, which she hates. She will scold us for calling her that. I guess she is not a big South Park fan.
We don't really have an embarrassing name for Pearl. We called her Pearlgirl until they came out with the tampon commercial where they used that.
Pepper is Pepperpot or silly girl. Sometimes I sing that old Dr. Pepper commercial "wouldn't you want to be a pepper, too?" to her and she rubs noses with me.
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