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What's for dinner tonight???

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What's for dinner tonight folks??? I'm sooo excited to be back in i can cook again I went almost a week without cooking on the honeymoon and i swear i was about to go nuts!!!

Tonight's menu is going to be homemade spaghetti!!!!I'm about to brown the meat now and then let it simmer for several hours on low in the crock pot with the sauce so it'll be yummy!

What are all of you having for dinner tonight?????
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Your homemade spaghetti sounds yummy! Tonight we are having homemade veggie pizza!
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Either pancakes, frozen pizzas, or grilled cheese. When mom goes to work and dad has cook we don't eat fancy.
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I am having a hot pork sandwich tonight...Left-overs from lasts nights dinner. I was thinking that some mashed potato's would be great with it.
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am having roast chicken!
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I think we're going to have tomato soup and grilled cheese with the mozzerella cheese slices I have to use up. It's a good day for it, cold and damp.
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We're having grilled steak and tater tots and some kind of veggie. And either jello or an ice cream for dessert.
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lemon chicken, twice baked potatos, ceaser salad, yeast rolls, and I'm getting ready to bake brownies for dessert. Can't wait for DH to get home, I'm HUNGRY!!!
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We just had steak cooked on the grill, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, corn and wheat bread!
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Mac and cheese possibly. Still at work so far.
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we had BLTs
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something from the Ball Park. Not sure what yet.
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Filet Mignon, sweet potatoes and broccoli
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Creamy Almond chicken with Fresh green beans. Cannot wait! It is a family favorite.
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