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Ocicat color choices

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I decided to add a 3rd color choice for Jack (Charlie's baby brother next year). I kinda like the silvers (in any breed) so I added the plain silver color Oci to my list of choices for the breeder.

Choices in order:

Cinnamon, Cinnamon-Silver or Silver.

The show theme was "Pirates of the Caribbian" - told the show committee they have to repeat that theme - was a year too early...
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So many colours to choose from! I think all three are gorgeous It's a good idea to widen the colour range, might speed up you getting the kitten since I know you're going to wait for a really good cat.
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Oci's only have 12 color choices And already have the chocolate

Orientals/Rexes and some other breeds can have over 300 different color combinations now

While Bengals don't have a much of a range in colors, you could count in the different tabby patterns......

I'll still get the kitten next spring - no sooner - just an extra choice for that show alter
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'Only' 12? That's still a lot compared to what I'm used to in my chosen breed obsession

I often get tempted wanting to get a second cat but I know Her Highness wouldn't appreciate that at all, oh well..
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Well Korats and Russian Blues only have one color. So do Singapuras

One of the Bengal owner/breeders on here should make a list of the colors/patterns and see how many choices that Bengals have (have to make a choice of spotting - round, arrowhead, pawprint, etc.) - betting Bengals have close to or over 12 combinations

I guess you'd have to add the "non-spotted Ocicat" choices too in some colors - that would make it much more.
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Hehehe and to get maximum variety you'd split up the brown spotted bengals up into the low rufous ones, the ones that have almost chocolate or cinnamon spots (but still a black tail tip), high rufous like Nikita, the ones with the more pale golden background colour, and the list goes on!

Nikita's comment on the whole issue -> wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww2222222222222222222222

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Probably would be Charlie's comment as well - she just spells it better
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I have to say the cinnamon is still my favourite, but then I am very fond of cinnamon in the OSH and it does give fantastic contrast in tabby patterns!
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Sent you a pm Ep....
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