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eye opening early...

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I just checked Olive's babies and the only little boy has one half opened eye this morning and one eye that is about 1/4 the way open..They are only 1 day old! Is this normal?
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Not really, I'd keep an eye on things. Normally the earliest to start opening eyes would be 4-5 days old - not one day old. Maybe call the vet and see if there is any concern about this.
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Thanks. He weighs 5 ounces or 144 grams. Is this the normal birth weight or more than normal because he seems huge. The smallest baby is 4.3 ounces or 122 grams.
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I know a lot of people in here weigh kittens - I never did - went by "looks" and "feel" - so I can't help you out on the grams stuff....
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Thanks. According to a chart I read online they are about the size of a 5 day old baby. I only weighed these because they are so huge and I was just wondering how huge. lol
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I wonder if this lends credence to our two-father theory... The bigger kitten(s) were further in gestation than the smaller... maybe this is why he's opened his eye already?....

I dont know... I've never seen a kitten open it's eyes so fast. And my kittens this year weighed 3.5 oz at birth, and are now over-average weights.

Things that make ya go hmmmmm....
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lol it is all very strange. I'm headed off to take pictures of them now. Although today I did notice red patches on the back of olive's legs...
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Can you take a picture of the red on her legs? Sure its not left over blood from delivery?

And the possibility of older/younger kittens and eyes open makes me a little suspicious too - the biggest kitten or the one with eyes open may really be 2/3 days "older" then the others.

AND if Olive is a silver patched tabby in reality that may explain the gold eye color rather then the proper green of a true silver tabby!
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I did think it might be leftover blood but on her belly and other parts of her legs right next to the red its white. It would make since with her being a patched tabby because her sister Sophie is as well. All the kittens are huge there isn't much of a size difference between them.
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Only real way to test and see what she is is to breed her to a black or blue male only - if there is a patched tabby born (or tortie) or red boy you know mom has to be the silver patched tabby genetically even if she's not showing the red!

It would be unusual if she didn't have ANY red spot at all. This is CFA's color description

SILVER PATCHED TABBY: undercoat white, ground color, including lips and chin, pale silver with classic or mackerel tabby markings of dense black with patches of red and/or cream clearly defined on both body and extremities. A blaze of red and/or cream on the face is desirable. Eye color: brilliant gold, green or hazel.

Note that the eye color can be brilliant gold. I'm now thinking she's a silver patched tabby. Keep looking for a spot of red on her somewhere
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ok tell me what you think. This is the back of her legs...

sisterly love
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That's a red patch in my opinon. Try washing her - doesn't look like dried blood, but looks like the red patching in the color of the fur. She's a silver patched tabby and that's why you have gold eyes and a calico.

Mystery solve and kittens probably are all from the same tom - not 2 of them. And you can get her spayed now

Are the girls litter sisters? If so one is brown patched; other is silver patched. Sister just hogged all the red color from her sister
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Yep i'm pretty sure they are from the same litter although the person had a few litters the two were the same size and age. Yep they are both getting spayed asap.
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I'd say those are red spots... which definitely changes everything

You know... if you look at her face, there appears to be a touch of reddish coloring around her nose - on her cheeks.

No matter - they are definitely cute kitties! Odd about the eye opening though.
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Yeah after looking at her face closely I do notice the reddish coloring mixed in. I really was suprised when I looked at that little boy this morning and saw his eyes opening. I have terramycin eye ointment in case they start getting runny or look infected.
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