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Semi-ferals in Ireland....then and now!

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So, about two months ago, my husband and I took in three feral kittens that had been living outside our house. They have come along leaps and bounds and we are so happy to have them living here (I have a thread in the caring for ferals section if you want the whole story!). Anyway, I was looking through the pictures on my hard drive today, and came across some gems of them when we first noticed them outside our house! We fed them and let them come in for a sleep/warmth before we made the decision to take them in permanently. Anyway, I thought I would share some then and now!

First off, our cheeky little boy, Paddington. This is him in mid-November 2007

And this is him now. He loves our camera (the noise it makes combined with the lens cap that dangles) so the minute he hears it turning on, he comes running from wherever he is and jumps in front. Makes it very difficult to get pictures of the other cats!

Next up, little Steve. Or as he was known when we first found him, Niamh. We thought he was a she! He is the most skittish of our cats, so the most difficult to get good photos of...Steve is the little tabby one (the other is Paddington).

And Steve now (sleeping by the window...his second favourite spot after our bed...)

Finally, we have Conor. We thought Conor was a boy when we first met her, hence the name. But, she told us she was a female when she went into heat for the first time (luckily, she was living indoors already). We got her all fixed as soon as her cycle ended and she is now a happy, cuddly cat. Here she is, back in November...

And here she is now.

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Aww they look so healthy & happy! Thats wonderful!!
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Awwww....sweet!!! They have a good home now!

I love Paddington's little soul patch on his chin. My Larry's got one too.
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aww sweet!
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Awww, they are just so cute!!!
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You have done such a wonderful job with these beautiful babies! They look so happy
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that is so lovely to see! they all look so happy! great to know that they all settled in so well.
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They all look amazing...Good job
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Great job!

Conor looks like such a little cutey! They are all gorgeous though.
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