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Saturday's DT

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It is nice here today,sunny,and going to be 50*!I am having a 1 year old's birthday today[granddaugther].After that,not much else going on. Hope everyone has a good day.
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give your granddaughter birthday kisses and cuddles will yah!

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Sherral....hope the birthday goes well. The first one is always so exciting! Love the first 'hands in cake' experience!

It is BEAUTIFUL here!!!!! Sunny and +4. *whew* It's been so long since it's been nice. I am in HEAVEN! Tomorrow: sunny and +7 WooooooooooooHooooooooooooo!

*gosh* I feel like it's been ages since I've posted here. March break was simply not 'a break' for me.

Not much planned for my day. Hubby is FINALLY finishing the bathroom. The Tub Suround is going up. Speaking of which: Cindy, did you guys find one????? So far, so good. It seems to be going up without much trouble. It's nice being married to a guy who can do anything! My own Tim the Toolman Taylor! hehehe

Well...I'm off to fold some laundry and maybe groceries later. Going to try to play catch up here today!

Have a great, beautiful day everyone!!!!!
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Bill ripped out the old stuff, yesterday and is scraping off the old adhesive, right now. His "helper" finally got bored and decided to come in here and recline on the scanner. With any luck, I'll get a shower, tomorrow night.

The only other thing going on, this weekend, is buying groceries.

Have a good one.
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It's only 43 out right now, but it's suppose to be a high of 53, maybe I can open the balcony window again today !
I'm just gonna be chilling with my family at home and sewing some ferret bedding!! I got some dark blue felt, white sheet fabric and some lepoard print fleece!
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so sick. why on saturday? i have the whole day to myself because duane has to work and the kids are at their grandparents all day. need to go get some 7up. done whining now.

go to get some house cleaning done today...

hope everyone has a good day.
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It's supposed to be in the mid 50's here today. I haven't ventured outside yet, despite my plans to get up early. Sleeping in was more tempting!

Sitting here attempting to drink coffee with a cat on my lap (Sparkey, the newest addition, still in quarantine with the sniffles). He is giving me love bites on the chin! The only other cat I've ever had do that was the Siamese we had when I was a kid. It is so sweet! Sparkey is such a love, so extremely affectionate, I am so lucky to have found him.

Going to head out once the caffeine hits my brain and run a bunch of errands out in the sunshine. Wish my convertible was running, sigh. It goes in the shop in two weeks when I get paid again, hopefully it won't be out of my price range to get it fixed (It's burning oil somewhere...)

Have a great day, everyone!
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Happy One to your grandbaby!! (What is her name?)

Enjoy the birthday party!


:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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It is BEAUTIFUL out today! High is supposed to be around 75. We've had the windows open for the past 4 days, and even left them cracked open last night. The low was only in the 40s, so it didn't get too cold in here. The cats are loving all the fresh air!

Not much going on today for me. Probably just a lazy Saturday. Some friends want me to go to the club tonight, but I have to see if another friend is going. Friends 1 are always notoriously late, and I know they wouldn't show up until at least after 11:00. I get there with hubby at about 7:30 and don't want to just sit there until 11 waiting for them.

Sherral, let us know how the party goes, and we definitely want to see those birthday cake pics!

Jan hope you get to feeling better! It sucks being sick on the weekend.

Angel, I so wish I could sew anything! LOL If you open that door, be ready for wild kitty day! That first whiff of fresh air after a long winter is worse than catnip!

Cindy and Ghys, glad the renovations are almost done! I'm so envious, my hubby may be a whiz with computers but anything around the house is like speaking Greek to him. The really sad thing is that he still *thinks* that he can fix things.

Sue, hope your car can be fixed easily. Maybe it's something simple like a gasket. My car is out of commission right now, too, and I just don't have the money to get it to the shop. Sharing one car between us is not fun!
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Hey, I got some sleep today! Yeah! Hubby took Ron first thing in the morning so I could sleep in! What a treat! I was so tired yesterday I nearly cried.

Other than that I spent the day working Had a cat behavior consultation and then worked on the sites (still am).

Jan, sorry you're not well - get well wishes for you! Try to make the best of it though, snuggle up with a cup of tea and rest.

Happy birthday to your granddaughter Sherral!
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sorry my post earlier was short, i started having back spasms and now my whole body is hurting. i took a bextra for the pain and it makes me nauseous so bear with me.
got a pot luck dinner to go to tonight, should be fun but hope i can make it thru the night.
hope everyone has a great day!
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It's beautiful here! Mid to upper 50's and not a cloud in the sky. I'm at work for about an hour, and then a friend and I are going out to enjoy the weather. We are going to Lakeview Cemetary, which is a wonderful place to walk. President Garfield is buried there, along with a few Rockerfellers. Elliot Ness' (of the Untouchables) ashes were scattered on the pond there, and the window of the chapel in the cemetary was done by Tiffany. So, it's not morbid to be walking through this cemetary.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Originally posted by okeefecl
It's beautiful here! Mid to upper 50's and not a cloud in the sky. We are going to Lakeview Cemetary, which is a wonderful place to walk. President Garfield is buried there, along with a few Rockerfellers. Elliot Ness' (of the Untouchables) ashes were scattered on the pond there, and the window of the chapel in the cemetary was done by Tiffany. So, it's not morbid to be walking through this cemetary.
The weather is finally really nice here too! Not as warm as you, we're looking at low 50's - but springlike just the same!

I absolutely love walking through cemetaries! I've never found them morbid at all. We also have a huge cemetary in Toronto with all the famous people. I'll have to go visit it again this summer. I just love the history and reading the inscriptions.

Well, I'm online for a little till Rob comes home with the car. We're having car problems and he had to take it to the mechanic. After he comes home, we're going to try to clear some of the snow away from the house before we're surrounded by a pond of water!

I just love the sun! Can't wait till the trees blossom!

Jan, get better. Your not allowed to be sick on just a beautiful springlike day!
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thanks for the well wishes. i am able to keep 7up and crackers down and hoping to work my way up to jello.

kellye- i am sorry to hear your back is acting up!

i'm thinking of opening the windows here. it's great. if i can't go out and work in the yard like i'd hoped, at least i can breath the fresh air.

that cemetary sounds fascinating. i love cemetaries, too. i like to look at the old tombstones and wonder who the people were and what their life was like.
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Ugh, just got done mopping the floors (all hardwood and linoleum), and picking up the living room. Just messing around on the computer until something decent comes on tv, as I like to have background noise while I do stuff, and my radio is broken. At least X showed up this morning to take Mio around with him and get him out of my hair today. I'm still not getting much better with this cough, so I can sympathize with Jan and Kellye. I'll probably end up doing my algebra homework for lack of anything better to do.
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I love cemeteries - I find them very peaceful. When I was at the University of Windsor My dorm was under the brifge to the States and beside a cemetery - at least 1 of my neighbours were quiet! This morning hubby and I helped my dad move some stuff to a storage shelter so that they can put their house on the market. The sad thing was most was junk and should just go in the garbage. They want to save it for a garage sale in the spring, but by the time you factor in the price of the storage unit and the manpower of moving it all, they won't make any money off it. Almost got hubby to go to the movies today. He enjoys movies but really dislike movie theatres. I have some free movie passes and was going to let him pick the movie (The Hunted was his choice), but at the lat minute he changed his mind. At least I got Swiss Chalet take out for dinner! Yum!

Hope everyone has had a good day, I should go wrap my sister's b-day pressie. Her birthday is today, but there will be a party tomorrow.
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