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My Aunt Helen could use some good thoughts

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It seems like there's been so much illness and loss on the site recently... and I'm sorry to bring more, but if you can send up a good thought for my Aunt Helen, I'd be so grateful.

She's my mom's youngest sibling, just ten years older than I am, and she's a little sparkplug, I tell ya -- cute as a button, always laughing and being silly... when she comes to visit, it's like one long pajama party. She's my favorite relative, and my middle name was chosen after hers (Marie).

But she's had such a lot of sadness in her life. Her son by her first marriage was killed by a train at 18, and her husband Jack has been battling various kinds of cancer, plus the complications of all his surgeries, for the past decade, often coming within a hairsbreadth of losing.

Jack is just a wonderful man, and we all adore him -- and their son, Jack Jr., is the cousin I've told you about who is an Army captain and was posted to Kuwait a few weeks ago (potentially ending up in Iraq). So you can imagine how frightened Aunt Helen is, having already lost one son.

So her job is the sole support of the family now, because Jack can't work anymore, and she has to handle a lot of special medical care for him on a daily basis. And tomorrow, she's having some sort of procedure done for an abnormality in her breast, and it's just one thing too many, y'know? She doesn't have a whole lot of strength left in her to keep on coping.

Maybe you can help me hope her through this procedure tomorrow, and let her get some good news. It's time she had some good luck.
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Sending lots of good vibes!
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Hope everything goes well! Sending unlimited to your aunt & her family...
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Of course we will send vibes. Bless her and we'll pray it is nothing serious.
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She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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She is in my thoughts and prayers
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Will add her to my list of people to pray for!!!

Tons of vibes as well!!
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Carol...I can't even imagine what your aunt has gone through and still is. She must be a strong woman to have survived all the obstacles she still has ahead of her.

I'm hoping that things will look brighter and that her procedure will go smoothly and provide the best possible results.
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for you and your family.
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Sending mega I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
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Many for your aunt. She'll be in my thoughts.
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Good thoughts for your aunt. Vibing away...
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Too, too many things on that woman's shoulders! I don't doubt that she's drawing from a dry well these days. Sending lots of for her and praying that this procedure will go well and correct a simple problem easily. And many for you and the rest of the family, as you try to be strong for her.
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Tons of for her.
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Sending lots of vibes
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Sending mega prayers and vibes to your Aunt Helen It is too common for the caregivers of a family to lose their good health - I am taking comfort in the fact that she has you in her life! Also, I'm sending vibes to your mom & you because you also have had more than your share of heartache already and Joey sends a headbutt
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Sending thoughts and prayers to your aunt.
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