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salem posing

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Usually Sabrina sits in the window but yesterday....Salem was there...
here are a few photos of my little boy...

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Aww he looks so content and happy!
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Salem is quite the model kitty! Hes such a handsome boy!
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he's sooo gorgeous! he look's like my mum's Salem!

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Oh my, he's gorgeous! That last photo with his claws is great!
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Love the one with his reflection. What a beautiful kitty.
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he has every right to be a poser! what a handsome boy!
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Awwww he's enjoying the warm sunshine
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He's so handsome, Does he eat on the windowsill
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its sabrina that has her dinner on the windowsill...she likes to watch people and the outside while eating...dinner tv you know...
but when she's done eating..he will jump up and eat out of her bowl...
of course then he goes back and finishes his dinner..
then wants mine...
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He is so sweet.
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