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Some people make me so mad.

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So yesterday while I was at the shelter I got a call from one of the other volunteers. She was bringing in 2 cats. She found them cowering together up in a tree in a local park. Some very kind and wonderful people helped her to get them down. It's obvious these cats used to belong to someone. They are friendly, paw pads were soft, and they were all to happy to be rescued. They are 2 males. One neutered male, I would say about 2-3 years old. One not neutered probably only 6-8 months old. Unfortunately, here in the city it is common for people to take their house cats and release them in parks figuring they will be safe. They don't understand that is wrong. Many of the larger city parks have cyotes. I can only guess, but my best guess is that the younger male has hit puberty and not being neutered began spraying. His spaying probably caused the older male to spray. Somone got sick of it and dumped them in the park. It is unclear how long there were out there. The older male's body weight is good, the younger male is only slightly under weight. When our volunteer got them in her truck the older male curled up on her seat and went to sleep. The younger one hid under the seat. Once we checked them for fleas, gave them their shots, and a little something to eat, they both curled up and went to sleep. I figure they had to been out there at least a day or two. They seemed so happy to be inside and safe. It is very unusual for cats that are new to the shelter to sleep the way they were. They were obviously exhausted. I wish I coule personally thank the people that helped rescue these two handsome boys, but I am sending many prayers for blessings to them! For whoever left these two there, I don't have much to say other than you are crule and heartless. I hope no one ever treats you the way that you have treated these two wonderful boys! I do not have to wish bad for you because I believe that you will get what is coming to you.
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That's terrible, the heartless idiots what they are

There day will come though!
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When will people understand that when you get a cat or a dog or any kind of pet that you take them on for life, not until you get tired of them or they do something you don't like?

I guess I can probably answer my own question...some people will NEVER understand that and there's a nice warm place in hell for them!
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I hate people like that. When I was around 12 someone dumped a almost dead Kitten on our Porch. they knocked on our Door and took off. My Mom opened the door and found a very sick kitten in a box. we kept him but he only lived 3 years.
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I am convinced that the cat we had that had FIP was dumped because he was sick. They also said that he had problems with the litterbox but it was not true.
They actually wrote that they had 7 cats and one litterbox. I had 2 and three litterboxes and he never missed. Not once.

I never understand how people can do that to a pet that they have cared for. I understand rehoming because situations may not work and things are beyond someone's control but just dumping them? Sickos.
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Our little Oscar came to us in a similar manner. I've no idea where he came from, but he was obvious house broken. He was affectionate, talkative, used his litter tray, recognised the sound a can opener (even though we only ever fed him pouches). Yet someone had just gotten rid of him - we kept our eyes open for lost notices, in the vets, the papers, lampposts, everywhere. But nothing! He hadnt been neutered, but was around neutering age so I suspect that was why he'd been let out. I thought perhaps he'd gotten confused about which house was his but he trots all around the neighbourhood now and no one has taken him back. I look at him every day and wonder how someone could do that to a cat, or any animal. Just let them out and forget about them. I agree with the question of how can people be so heartless? But at least he's got a home where people love him now. Silver linings and all that.
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Originally Posted by clumsy kitty View Post
But at least he's got a home where people love him now. Silver linings and all that.
That is the way I'm tring to look at things for these two guys. They don't have a home yet, but they are safe and we will find them a loving home. We are a no-kill shelter so they will be loved by all our volunteers until they do find a home. I used to feel so bad for the cats at our shelter until I realized they have more love than a lot of animals that have homes. We are all volunteers so we do what we do out of love.
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I hate stupid people.

It always amazes me how some of these cats come in as "strays" & are so happy to be caged.....just because they're safe & warm. It's what they were used to before someone tossed them out in the cold!
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Sadly this sort of thing happens all too often. Dumping pets because maybe people don't see them as anything but an obligation in the long run... I have to say I'm happy that someone dumped Jack, otherwise I would have never had him as a baby, and that would be even more upsetting than the fact that someone dumped him!
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Both our cats were picked up by Animal Control. I don't think it's legal to let cats run loose here, but I don't really know. I know that both our cats were clearly indoor cats. I think a lot of males get put outside when they start to mature, although neither one was spraying. I see so many cats at our local shelter that were obviously somebody's baby; how can they let them go to the shelter and never even call and ask if they're there?
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Just a little update. As it turns out both boys were unaltered. They were named Tamarack and Juniper. They were neutered this week. Juniper had an uneventful neuter but I now understand why I thought Tamarck was neutered. He had one said that did not Drop. As a matter of fact they were unable to find one half of his man hood. I hope this is the end of his difficulties.
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Glad to know that both boys are now neutered. How wonderful that they were rescued poor, frightened, betrayed kitties to endure such a traumatic experience Sending prayers and vibes that they find a good forever home together, and that their rescuers be blessed for their good deeds
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