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Daily Thread Monday April 7th

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Morning friends!

Sorry the daily is so late today..Josh didn't go home this morning as planned and he might be staying until Wednesday! I am all out of sorts sitting here at work while he is in my apartment I should be there!

Anyway, we had an amazing weekend. He is so good with my neices..and they love him. My 2 year old neice was all over him all weekend. She demanded that he read her bedtime stories. He made us all breakfast on Saturday morning and we all had a really good dinner last night.

Meeka the dog likes him too..

He is at my place with Trout all day so we'll see how that goes. I just called and he was napping so I wonder if Trouty is napping with him..that would be so cute

Thank goodness I am off at 3:30 today

Have a great day folks!
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Well isn't that a pleasant surprise!!! Isn't he going to clean your clean today???? Start on dinner???

Well we had a small bit of rain last night and its going to be a bit windy too. But we had temps in the 60's both Sat and Sunday!

I actually had a paying job yesterday!!!!!! Its a start. A referral from a client who has referred me to others too!! I really have to do something nice for her help.

So I worked in my yard a bit yesterday then did pruning and raking for a new client yesterday. My thumb is a bit stiff/sore now.

Have to water my basement plants and do a bit of housecleaning today.

Making a chicken casserole and cheeseburger chowder today so we have food for dinner and lunches this week.

Have a good day!!
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Oh he's staying an extra few days?!. He is keen on you Nat!!

Is he doing dinner tonight as well?

It's a cold snowy day here and i can't wait to get home to get warmed Thank goodness i did my shopping online again
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Wow someone had a great weekend

Morning All!!!

Another nice spring morning for us although just a tad of the windy side. It is nice to have the windows open a bit though and air out those dusty old winter cobwebs..

Heading off to work for a bit but hopefully will be down early..Want to tidy up my deck area and sweep off the sand and stuff.

The kitties are good this morning all sitting in the window getting the fur ruffled by the breeze..
Everyone have a great day
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Trout and Josh napped together this morning
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I am not up to too much today. It is supposed to be really warm today but I have to work 3-9:30. It is also seniors day which makes it really busy.
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i havn't done anything today LOL!
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I had a pretty stressful day. This morning i had to go and head out to the bank to get my accounts taken care of with changing my last name and to get them to unfreeze my checking account When i went out of town on my honeymoon and tried to use my debit card in Mexico- apparently my bank froze my card/account because it was "suspecious" - i however was never called or notified about the policy- so i had no clue why my card wasn't working and kind of freaked out. When we docked back in New Orleans after the cruise i tried to use it again- once again it didn't work so i called the # on the back of the card and got stuck with a 24 hour hotline out of India They were no help and said i'd have to go to the bank in person when they were open....so the entire darn honeymoon i had no access whatsoever to my money. So i went into my bank today to get it unfrozen (they said they froze it as a safety feature- which, yes i can understand- but i should have been notified) and the teller changed my new name/info and told me he unfroze my acct and i could use my card....so i went on with my day.

After that i left there and my niece went with me to the DMV so i could change the info on my drivers lisence and voters registration stuff. Sat in line there for what seemed an eternity and then finally got it all settled and headed out to buy groceries.

My niece and i went shopping (the plan was to have a nice spaghetti dinner/etc). I spent about an hour at the grocery store, got all the way through the line and swipped my debit card and much to my horror- it said it was declined. So i tried it again, then tried it as a credit card, and tried to use the ATM in the store- nothing worked. I was totally embaressed because there was a line full of people behind me and i know none of them believed i actually had the $ for my groceries So yea, at that point i was FURIOUS and ready to give my bank a piece of my mind. So i got out of line and called the bank number- of course they were closed at that point so again i got stuck with the useless 24 hr. hotline. So instead of getting groceries- i had to appologize and leave all of my groceries in the store and head out.

So yea- first thing in the morning i'm going to my bank and filing a formal complaint and totally plan to give them a piece of my mind. If they don't resolve the problem - i plan to take all of my $ out and go somewhere else. I'm seriously still ticked off about it. I've never had that happen before and it should not have happened after the guy told me he fixed it

My poor niece thought i was going to kill someone (it takes a LOT to make me mad- i don't think she'd ever seen me that annoyed lol) After we left the grocery store i just took her back to my home and used what we had around the house to make dinner. We chilled out for a few hours with Colin and watched tv and had dinner- that was pretty nice. Other than that though, it's been a crazy day.
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