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Charli'es Fargo Adventure (show)

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Charlie almost got that elusive Grand final again! 6 out of 8 finals (missed one both day) and best one was another 6th best....so close...........AGAIN

But the adventure part was coming home from Fargo, ND. We went up there on Friday; nice trip stopped a few times, good weather- upper 50's/low 60's.

Saturday was a bit cooler in Fargo - low 40's but nice and sunny. Well on Sunday we were showing in the middle of a SNOWSTORM! ALL day it was coming down. About 4 inches when we left about 5pm to go home.

The roads (major) were snow covered, barely plowed. It got worse as we went south. Finally we found an exit...barely, cause it was white out conditions and you honestly could not see the road, ditch or exit ramp. It was a route that would take us home (a little out of the way) but one that was plowed a bit more then the major highway.

We drove for about 10-15 miles before we stopped to eat - this was around 8pm at that time.

Have to back up for the "prayers answered" part. When we got safely up the ramp to the other road we simply asked God to "please help us have a safe way home and a place to eat and if we need to stay over, a hotel". Remember we were in white out conditions - you could not see the road and only a few feet in front. As soon as we prayed, within 1/2 mile, out of nowhere, the lights of a plow were ahead of us maybe a mile or so, spreading salt/sand on the road - clearing it. AND all of a sudden the white out was gone, the snow gently falling, the road almost clear.

We did not see any tire tracks of that plow from the side roads, so we had no idea where he came from cause it was evident he was not coming from the ramp area - that was not cleared at all. It was several miles later the snow plow appeared! God's hand truly calmed the storm.

Now back to the rest of the story. We found a little family restaurant around 8pm to eat. Met 2 nice older couples who were going the same way we were (and even thru the same towns). We had smooth sailing the rest of the way home. Snow changed to a little rain, roads wet, but NO SNOW Got home about 11pm safe and sound.

That's our adventure. The Fargo show is known as having the freak snow storms. Two years ago most of the exhibitors had to spend an extra night there cause they got hit with 8 inches of snow on Sunday.

Our next show is end of the month - hopefully Charlie will get that needed final
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Wow! What an adventure! Glad you made it back safe.

Common Charlie..... Get that Grand!
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Thanks. The next one is in 2 weeks (last weekend of April). This will be the "cut-throat" one - right now there are 6 or 7 alters that will need that last top 5 final to grand. Hopefully we will have a few more and then have lots of cakes in the show hall.

The one that did get their top 5 final at the Fargo show will have their cake at Gopher State show cause it was too bad of weather to have to get one in Fargo
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