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Bye bye, Pirate...

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My baby left me for the rainbow bridge and to meet up with older brother angel Buster on 3/27/2008.

It was a long, hard struggle through whatever illness or disease he had, and I wish I could have done more for him. He had a wonderful and happy life, though, and left us just shy of his six month birthday.

I am suspicious that he knew of our hesitation to bring him along in our cross-country move, and decided that it was his time to go, to take that decision out of my hands. My best friend thinks that it was his way of keeping his illness from coming with, into the new home, so that I can find a new baby when I am ready in my new home. I don't know, but I am glad I didn't make the decision to put him down before his time.

This is my second kitty to pass away in the past year, and possibly, like my first, was taken by FIP as well. We'll never be sure. I just hope that everything I learned from Pirate and Buster will help me be able to give my next kitty a longer, much longer, and healthier life, whoever he or she may be.

All of our angel kitties have touched our lives in wondrous ways. It always seems that the sweetest are the ones taken too early, but even so I don't regret having them in my life.

Pirate, have fun across that rainbow bridge. Mommy loves you, and Buster too.
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i'm so sorry for the loss of both your kitties. i lost my beloved janet last october to that horrific disease.

RIP pirate and buster. play happily together across the bridge.
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I'm so sorry Had your little boy not been diagnosed by the vet?

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I am so sorry. I lost my baby boy to FIP and it is so hard. But you poor thing lost two.
They are frolicking happily together as we speak.
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Rest In Peace Pirate

Have fun over the Bridge
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Rest in Peace Precious Pirate Make many fuzzy friends over the Rainbow Bridge
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Play happily over RB, Pirate & Buster - now you two are together again, and this time forever!!
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