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Does anybody watch "The Tudors"

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This is a hot series!! I am so addicted to it. I have always been very interested in Henry the VIII and the history since I was a little girl.
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Is it a TV series? What "channel"? I'm very interested in that period in history.
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It's on Showtime.

I think we're going to have to buy it. We watched a few episodes in the first season and really liked it, and then forgot to watch it. All the previews for the 2nd season look great, but once again, we've managed to forget to actually watch it.
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Yep. DH & I got sucked in when they repeated the first Season. We are totally addicted to the show.
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It is on every sunday night at 8:00 cst on showtime. I have been watching it since the first season. It is so good and it's going to get alot better. Ann Boleyn is going to be queen real soon(she is the first one he beheads). Nice looking actor as King Henry VIII!
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My roommate and I watched the first season on demand... haven't started the second yet, though.

We're rather wondering how much of it they'll get to... Anne Boleyn is likely the most interesting... maybe Catherine Howard...

But I suppose they can 'spice' it up.

My favorite thing to do is look up what's wrong with it all.
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
My favorite thing to do is look up what's wrong with it all.
It's so much fun annoying people by nagging while watching historical movies and series.

I think Tudors isn't an addictively great show, but still a fairly entertaining one.
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Heres some pictures i took when i went to the Tower of London last month

Where the scaffolding was situated for when they were beheaded

The entrance to the "Bloody Tower"

Traitors Gate

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The first season was on OnDemand and I was excited to watch it.

Wow...did they screw up the timeline and people BIG TIME!!! I like the costumery though..
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I'm trying to talk my DH into getting Showtime so I can watch it. I got hooked when we were picking up (other people's) On Demand over our cable last summer. I like the actor who plays King Henry.
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Rosiemac those pictures are great!! I wish I could go to england to see all the historical sites! Maybe one day!
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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is a great Henry the Vlll! Hubby and I have been hooked since Episode 1 Season 1. He even bought me the DVD collection a few weeks ago of season 1. My Mom is now "hooked" as she likes anything that has to do with Henry and his wives.
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