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Ringworm on "Starla"

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Our cat has had ringworm for quite sometime and its going away just taking alot of time. We have had to take her to the vet 2 times to to get bottles of "Conofite" and it costs us so much just to go and get a bottle. Is their something else that I could use that I could get over the counter that would be alot cheaper? Thanks alot...
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I have used anti-fungal cream from the drugstore and it takes time but it works well.
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Thanks but what is the active ingreadiant and the percent? Thanks...
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oh gosh I don't even know. we just use the cheap brand of cream. They don't have a lot of options. But it works.
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Does anyone know the active ingredent that I need to be looking for and the percentage? Thanks alot...
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I think the active ingrediant in most anti-fungal creams is ... tolnaftate, maybe? It's the same stuff you'd use on athlete's foot. This is what most shelters are using, I hear. You can get a generic version at most pharmacies and places like Wal-Mart. Rub it in really well. They say the cat licking it is not a problem, as long as you don't use a lot of it.

I was just trying to find the tube of the stuff I have around here, and didn't succeed.

I think Lamasil is a trade name for it.

Do a quick web search and see what you find along those lines.
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Hi - I have battled ringworm for many years with my 2 persians. Most of the stuff you get from your vet you can find on the Internet much cheaper.
The cheapest place I have found so far for many pet medications is Amazon.com. I have attached 2 links... one is for Lime Sulfur Dip and the other for Malaseb Shampoo. Both are very effective in treating ringworm. The only difference is... depending on how easy it is to bath your cat, the Lime Dip gets poured on the cat and has to dry; it does not get rinsed off. The Malaseb Shampoo gets suds up on the cat, has to stay on for 10 minutes and then gets completely rinsed out. I swear by the Lime Sulphur dips. I have been using it for years whenever my cat has a flare up. A few dips and your cat should be on the road to recovery. It smells horrible; kind of like rotten eggs, but it does work.


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