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These puppies were born at the shelter here. Mama came in as a very pregnant stray. She had been beaten, her nose broken but never treated, & she was full of bite wounds from other dogs attacking her. Terrified of everyone & everything. We had 2 weeks before she gave birth. She moved into a foster home with the puppies 2 weeks ago & they should be ready to go home in 1-2 weeks now.

Mom is a lab/spaniel x, IMO. The last pic is the only one I've got of her.
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they're adorable! mom looks like she has a touch of pit bull in her. I am in love.
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Oh, poor mommy. How is she doing in her foster home? The pups are adorable!!! So much lab in them! I actually made one of them my background...I hope that's ok. The dark one with the big blue eyes. I think I'm in love!
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OMG they are all so adorable. I hope they all find loving homes.

How is the Momma doing? I hope she is finally feeling safe and loved
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That photo of her breaks my heart - such sad, loving trust in those eyes. Dogs amaze me constantly. How they can continue to love after such harsh mistreatment blows my mind.
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Awww, they are so cute!!!
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Oh we baby talked our way into her heart. She's still leery of new people, & a barker.....but she knows how to walk on a leash for the most part, doesn't duck when you reach for her. No mops, vacuums, or brooms or she'll hit the deck still.
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What a sweet girl and oh my what beautiful puppies!!

Our first dog (Ellie Mae) was found on the street after she had given birth. Her teeth were kicked out, she was full of parasites and she would squat and pee everytime you reached out a hand to pet her. She was the best dog we ever had.

I hope mama finds a wonderful home. My heart goes out to any dog with her background.
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Mama dog reminds me of my Ebony and her black pups look like Ebonys pups as well
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I had a cockerspanial lab mix that looked just like her that died about a year ago she was also abused and scared of everything at first but transformed into a sweet happy dog. Those puppies are adorable as well!
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On my third "abused" dog .... they are truely blessings...

I hope all get great homes..
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Oh that poor gorgeous dog! I hope she finds a loving home soon along with her gorgeous babies
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I just haven't been able to stop thinking ALL day about that poor baby's nose being broken and the agony she must have endured. Dogs' noses are so sensitive to start with ... people make me BURN sometimes.
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cuteness warning is really needed here for those puppies!! Mom is beautiful.
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Ugh, I can't understand how anyone can hurt animals like that. Karma will get them.

It's so sad that the mama had to go through the abuse. She and her babies are beautiful!! Hope they find their forever homes soon.
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