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I understand that no one here is a vet. However, before I bring my cat to the vet I wanted to check with you all and see if you might have a tip or two I could try first.

My cat has diarrhea - we've tried kaepectate but it hasn't worked.

Any tips on what else we could try? (cat meds, home remedies, ect?)
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You can try pumpkin, but if it is giardia/coccidia or something else causing it, you will only make things worse & risk your cat's life by waiting. I've seen cats die from dehydration from diarrhea, caused by coccidia.
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Since diarrhea has many causes, please don’t wait, call your vet first thing tomorrow morning for advice.

Also, a warning for you and anyone else who may not be aware that Kaopectate is toxic to cats:


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In case you didn't get this far, let me highlight the important part from the AVMA site:

Dr. Steve Hansen, a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology and director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Animal Poison Control Center, said the range of recommended aspirin-derivative dosages that have been published for cats is 10 mg/kg every other day to 25 mg/kg every day.

A tablespoon of reformulated children's or regular-strength Kaopectate contains 130 mg aspirin equivalent, and extra-strength Kaopectate contains 230 mg aspirin equivalent. A tablespoon of extra-strength Kaopectate given to a 5-pound cat would yield 120 mg/kg aspirin equivalent and would likely result in toxicosis, according to Dr. Hansen.


While the cat is having diarrhea, it's really important to MAKE SURE THE CAT DOESN'T BECOME DEHYDRATED........SO, ENCOURAGE YOUR CAT TO DRINK LOTS!
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