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I'm back!!!!

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And i missed all you guys sooo much!!! I got lots of pictures from our honeymoon to share as well and hopefully we'll have our wedding pictures from our photographer soon as well!!! I went through total TCS withdrawl while i was gone too!

We were really blessed to have such a beautiful wedding Everything went well (rain downpour aside) and we had a nice honeymoon too. (we went on a carnival cruise to progresso and cozumel mexico.) And all of the family members got along VERY well so i was thrilled about that too! I just wanted to pop in real fast to tell everyone thankyou for all of the sweet wishes and pm's/etc I really appreciate it!

I will try to post some of the pictures later on in the week after i get everything settled in and unpacked
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Congrats. Hope you had an amazing time. Can't wait to see the pics.
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The wedding and honeymoon sounds wonderful! Can't wait for the pics.
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Oh I can't wait for pics Nikki!!!!
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Originally Posted by ChrissyR View Post
The wedding and honeymoon sounds wonderful! Can't wait for the pics.
glad to hear that things went smoothly!
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Great to hear Nikki!! Can't you just indulge us with one picture of you in your pretty dress?
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Congrats!! Welcome back!
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Oh boy, can't wait for the pictures! Welcome home, you two!
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Thankyou everyone I'm glad to be back too! We definitely had fun on the honeymoon though- i think my favorite part was our excursion in Cozumel. We went horseback riding though some of the Myan ruins and that was pretty neat. I LOVE horseback riding so it was pretty awesome. It was Colin's first attempt though so that was kind of funny, but he did well

As soon as the photographer gives me the link for the pics and gets everything set up i'll post them I'm kind of wanting to see how they turned out too!

I think that we're going to go back sometime soon to the botanical gardens or somewhere pretty like that for some more pictures since we didn't get a single outdoor pic as it was POURING the day of our wedding. We are also going to get some "newlywed" pictures taken soon too since we didn't have time for the engagement ones. I can't wait to share them when i get them all
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Ooo! Congratulations and Welcome Back!!
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glad everything went well, Nikki! They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!
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Welcome back Nikki, and rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. It POURED on our wedding day, and so far so good . Can't wait to see the pics! I'm so glad everthing went well!!
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I'm so glad that everything went well for you two!! Can't wait to see the pics!!
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Congratulations Nikki! I am so happy for you!
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I just had to add that i still feel sea sick I think i was sick the majority of the cruise (I have Vertigo already- so throwing the cruise in the mix didn't go so well Weird too because the last one i went one it didn't phase me) It's good to be back on solid ground though- but i still kind of feel like i'm rocking sometimes
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Welcome back!

So glad you had a great time on your Honeymoon!
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Welcome Back!! Can't wait to hear all about your beautiful wedding & your exciting honeymoon!!
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Aww Nikki YAY! I have been wondering how wonderful your cruise was!

I'm glad everything went well and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!
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Congrats, again and welcome back!
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I'm glad you guys had a wonderful wedding & honeymoon! Can't wait to see the pictures
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