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Going Outside

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I've mentioned a few times that Nikita goes with me outside on a harness. Here are a few pictures from this weekend and also a picture of one of her first trips out back when she was just a kitten. She's grown!



Stalking away

..and showing her grumpy face when I interrupted some very Important Sniffing.

afterwards though it was snuggle time (I'm sitting under the blanket, her head is against my knee)
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Look how she's grown! It looks like she really enjoyed herself outside Gorgeous photos, as always
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Awwwww she looks so sweet lying asleep on you there You can tell she's taking in all the signts and smells
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Always enjoy seeing your beautiful Nikita!
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Beautiful specimen!

You just wanna smooch her little face!
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I always get excited when you post photos. She is so so gorgeous.
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awwwwwww, kitten Nikita!!! love how her coat has gotten so much darker and richer!
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Aaaackk! She is so beautiful!!!
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she really is a stunning girl! lovely to see her outside safely enjoying the garden.
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aww she's sooo beautiful!
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She is so pretty!!
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Wow she is a gorgeous girl! She looks like such a happy kitty
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Pretty Nikita!

When she goes out, does she walk around and explore while you follow?
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Thanks everybody It's a lot of fun taking her outside, quite necessary for her sanity as well I think.

Originally Posted by Sheeba07 View Post
Pretty Nikita!

When she goes out, does she walk around and explore while you follow?
Yeah, pretty much. I have a flexi lead on that will extend out to around 12 feet so she can run around a bit if she wants to. My main job is just to keep the lead from being tangled in bushes and also to stop her going too high up into trees etc.

She's quite territorial and likes the garden but freaks out if we go anywhere else so I always take her just out into the same garden. I don't really walk her anywhere, she just wanders around the garden and I stand in the middle or follow her.
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Wow! She looks like a different cat!
She`s so beautiful
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she's stunning!
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