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Help! Newborns Have Ringworm!

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My 3 week old kittens have ringworm, all 5 of em. I thought the mother was cleared up but apparently not and now I'm freaking out. Course it's Sunday and vet's are closed. What can I do. Are the babies going to die? They are healthy and eating and all but I HATE ringworm. I remember the sterilizing and cleaning I did when bringing Genie home from the breeder and what a PIA ringworm is but her poor babies! I just want them to be ok.
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I'm sure they won't die and it can wait until you can talk to your vet. Try not to panic. The vet will help you get rid of it.
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well, any anti-fungal [like creams for yeast infections] will help ringworm... but mom will likely wash it off, so i think you'll need a special shampoo for them [probably only available at the vet's].
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NOTHING!! Do nothing until you talk to the vet, at their age even anti-fungal cream can be lethal!

There is one, yes one, very expensive drug on the market approved for nursing mothers.
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I don't see how you could add any cream to a kitten without mother licking it off. You will just have to take them to the vet and see what they say. Call your local 24 hour emergancy vet and ask their opinion over the telephone.
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Ringworm is not lethal. There is no need to panic.

It's a pain to get rid of and kittens are more difficult to treat because the protocol is different, but you will be able to treat them and it will go away.

Consult your own Vet at the earliest opportunity. There really isn't a need to visit the ER clinic.
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Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I'm sorry I haven't gotten on much and I always want to answer and reply to everyone but I have 3 little ones as well as furbabies so I hope you all understand? I called my vet regarding the ringworm and she told me if it's left alone and gets bad enough it can be fatal in kittens. I bathed all 5 kittens(much to their protesting) today in a special shampoo for ringworm and will continue to do that twice a week until the ringworm clears up. The only thing I worry about is their loss of body heat so I am careful to keep them warm. I love this board and really appreciate everyone's help. I PROMISE to post new pics tonight or tomorrow. They are SO cute and today they've started exploring.
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I certainly understand your concern. It's not as bad as fleas, but a human getting it is extremely uncomfortable and hard to get rid of.

Do you have rice socks to keep the kittens warm? They're supposed to work well
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