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We're paying 89.9 a litre here! It's crazy!
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Would you believe we're paying about €1.05 per liter here (€1 = c.US$1.10)? That's around $4.00 a gallon, and most of that is for taxes.I can take the train to work, and my husband can go by bike. The car is only being used for grocery shopping (and will be the next time Jamie has to go to the vet's). I haven't used it in about three weeks. I walk to the bank, post office, bakery,station,etc.. I wish we could afford a tiny hybrid car right now. When I started driving (about 30 years ago), gas cost about 35 cents a gallon. Anyone else remember that? I could actually get $5 worth of gas and drive around on it for several days. Cigarettes (yes, I smoke - don't be shocked -, but only in the kitchen with the window wide open - I know passive smoking is really bad for cats and other pets, but I'm addicted) cost about the same. I really wish the hybrid cars would be pushed/subsidized by the government(s). The problem with the SUVs is that too many people who don't need them drive them. I have no problem with people who actually need them to haul stuff, drive through rough terrain, etc..
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It's around $1.65 here now I think.
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it went from like $1.80 to $1.48 to $1.69 here in the course of maybe 36 hours a couple days ago.. I don't kno what was going on, but we're holding steady at $1.69... (Ack)

I don't remember, but my mom always tells me about the $.25/gallon days, and when I started driving the lowest I probably ever saw it was $.83/gallon which was awesome..

The worst part is I just was able to buy a brand new car, but didn't think about the fact that my old car got like 40 miles a gallon while this one gets like 26.. ew.
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Our gas (on average) right now is at .835 cents/litre, so using Julies numbers, I am paying $3.16 a gallon!!! I didn't think it was that much, but oh well. Thankfully my car is great on gas (I put about 550 km on a tank of gas from right full to almost empty--2 lines above the empty mark lol) and I only have to fill up about once every 1 - 2 weeks,depending on where I go, and now that it's finally warming up, I don't have to let it warm up for a 1/2 hr before I want to leave!! Bonus! Gas mileage should be getting better now! At least until next winter. hehehe
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$1.79 here.$ 1.56 just 7 miles down the road in PA
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The cheapest gas where i live southern california is 2.19 today. I dont know how I am going to drive any where!
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it's about 1.76 out here. I wish they'd make a hybrid SUV. I like the SUV's because of the space factor. I like the Jeep Grand Cherokee size. And I would be going offroad, it'd be really nice for hunting & fishing so Mike and I don't have to crowd into my dad's tiny Jeep Renegade with him. But I can't afford a new car Especially at these gas prices. I haven't filled my car up since the beginning of Feb (I don't go anywhere unless I absolutely have to, I'm agoraphobic) For shopping and stuff, I wait until Mike is home and we take his car
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It's about $1.76 here too. I was in NJ yesterday for work and was thrilled, I found a station that had regular unleaded for $1.46!!!! (Plus NJ is all full-serve!) I took advantage of that bargain price to fill the tank.

I noticed my first price over the $2 mark this AM, in Philly, for diesel. Diesel is more expensive than supreme here, I always thought it was cheaper!
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We are at $1.69, and for around here that is quite a bit, but from what I am reading, it seems that way for everyone.
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