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Gas Prices out your way?

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Just went to fill up the truck and had second thoughts at $1.99 a gallon!!!

What is it like out where you are? That was diesel prices by the way!
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Mine's about $1.59 right now for regular. I'm in Ohio. A couple weeks ago I paid $1.89. I wasn't too happy that day.
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I'm paying in the $1.65-1.68 range for regular. Yuck!

Got an email today encouraging people to avoid Exxon/Mobil products, as they are the #1 retailer. If nobody is buying their products, they will lower prices to attract business. In theory, other oil companies will follow suit, and we can start a price war.
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San Francisco - about $2.50 - $3 something.

i go to Costco, a membership kinda store (something like Sam's Club possibly>>) and it costs me about $2.09 just for regular (not premium.)

Oh dear!! :paranoid2

The only think i have to be thankful is the rise in my stock prices for the last few days!

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$1.59 for regular, $1.79 for premium. That is about average in Eastern NC.
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Average here is about $1.80. I paid $1.67, last week with my grocery store discount card.
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Before all the war talk, prices around here were 62 - 65 cents/litre. Now prices have been as high as 90 cents/litre, but are averaging around 85 cents.

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Our prices are $1.68 per gallon, but while I was on vacation in Wisconsin their prices were ranging from $1.79 to $1.85 per gallon.

I too got that email not too long ago, but since I live in a small town I don't have many options on where I fill up.
I can't believe that in San Fran it's up to $3.00!! Talk about hurting the pocketbook!! OUCH!
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It's quite funny when people complain all the time about gas prices going up and down. Meanwhile, are they doing anything to make a united stand against this issue? No, because people are too concerned about their individual priorites and won't see beyond them.

Meanwhile, instead of demanding environmentally friendly vehicles and other fuel alternatives people are buying bigger vehicles that suck up more fuel! SUV's are one of the top selling vehicles.

It's really a shame that the population has the power to have alternative fuel sources but will not look beyond a little inconvenience to change the future.

(Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox - don't push me!)

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It's about $1.69/gallon for regular unleaded here in PA. I haven't seen any stations with prices over $1.99 for premium. I drive a lot on my job, so I hope it doesn't go much higher! Right now I get reimbursed about $.30/mile, which is fair, but any higher and I'll be losing money.
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kass - i drive a saturn!!! i swear i wouldn't even look at suv's!

i agree, though. i prefer my car to something heavier (like my hubby's gas guzzler sedan.) i like only having to fill up once every two weeks.

gas is about $1.59/gallon for reg and $1.79 for premium.
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Just over $2.00 here in Monterey, CA for regular. $2-2.10 range.

Kass - I think SUVs are a major problem and find it ridiculous that almost no one who owns one uses it "off road" like it was meant for. Why does anyone need an SUV in a city? The heart of the issue though is that our gov. refuses to demand better fuel efficient cars. It's absurd. I have read that the car companies have even said that they would be able to make the SUVs get better milage but until they are asked to they aren't going to spend the money to make the alterations. And even when they do introduce that type of law it is always so minimal - and spread out over 10 years, etc. - when they could do so much more. But obviously our gov. doesn't consider the environment or the earth's resources as something to worry about.

(ok, stepping off now. . .)
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We paid $2.05 a gallon today. I hope it doesn't go much higher. I have a van because I have so many kids. I wish we had a smaller car for shopping ect.
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It's about $1.65/gallon here for regular. I'm so glad I'm getting a more fuel-efficient car. I'm buying my parents' Geo Prizm, which gets about 30 miles per gallon. I pick it up on Tuesday, I can't wait!
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I guess you can tar and feather me i drive an SUV

it pulls my hay trailer and my horse trailer and hauls my dogs around with no problem........I'll leave town now on the next rail....
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Better get to sleep then, you will have much packing to do!!

But Hissy, you have a reason for it. I'm talking about urban yuppies who go to the movies in their mega SUV a whole block away!

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In Denver we're at about $1.65 for regular.

Kass, I totally agree with you, and Mary Anne there are people who actually USE their trucks and SUVs and for those people (like you) more power to them! The people who I hate are like this guy I used to work with. He wanted a status symbol, bought the biggest Suburban on the market. He never went into the mountains, he and his wife had 2 kids so not a big family to drive around. He had no real reason for a vehicle that big - he never hauled anything, didn't go 4-wheeling, didn't even do home improvements stuff where he would occassionally use the room to haul supplies.

Sunni Jean, in addition to the government being so slow on requiring upgrades like that (mostly because of the auto industry lobby), the other problem I see is that the few truly efficient and hybrid cars are so darn expensive! I know I can't afford one, so I end up sticking with my 1990 27MPG car (which is still better than hubby's 20MPG car - a Volvo. Sad thing is that when we bought it one of the considerations was that we had head Volvos were really good on mileage. ) With the hybrid cars especially being so expensive, they won't sell big numbers which the manufacturers will manipulate into "Obviously the public isn't that concerned with it." Couldn't be further from the truth, but the Average Joe can't afford a $50,000 car.

Boy, this soapbox is getting full.....
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Hissy: "it pulls my hay trailer and my horse trailer". Well there you go. You're the 1 in a 100 who actually has a REASON to have an SUV. No problem there, like Kass said, it's the city people and just anyone who feels the need to have an SUV because they fall for the "bigger is better" mentality which I find disgusting.

Heidi I agree with you too. It's all set up poorly. Hopefully enough people will start buying the hybrids though so that the prices will drop and the demand will be seen. Its the same with things like organic foods - they're more expensive now but I always try and buy them if I have the money because the more people do the sooner they will be more readily available and cheaper. They should have tax cuts and programs to return money to people who buy hybrid cars, along with energey efficient appliances, etc. to reward people for trying to make a difference. Otherwise everyone takes the easy route, including the gov't (like you said all because of $$$).
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Actually, they do have tax cuts for hybrid cars. You get a $2000 tax rebate for them.

Mary Anne, I don't think I said it clearly in my first post. For those people who actually USE trucks and SUVs for what they are meant for, they should have it! Like you or anyone on a working farm/ranch. My Dad uses his when he goes camping and hunting deep into the mountains, but that's about the only time he uses it. It's just become such a status symbol. Seriously, here in Denver about 1/2 the cars are trucks and SUVs and I know most of the people driving them only put them in 4x4 when the streets are icy.
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I think ours are around 1.73 for reg. I can't beleave how high they are
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i think it was in 1970 something that I remember two students from MIT invented an engine that burned on garbage. They would go to the garbage dump, sift through all the refuse, grab what they needed to feed this engine. Don't remember what ever happened to that- obviously nothing.

Thank you for redeeming my choice of vehicle.... We had SUV's in Alaska and fell in love with them.
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Maybe I should feel lucky... it's about $1.65 per gallon for regular gas in this part of PA. My boyfriend is Norwegian and he's always making fun of me griping about gas prices. I think it was last summer when their gas prices converted into almost $5 a gallon. And diesel fuel is always cheaper than regular gas there because the truck drivers get upset if it gets high. He said that there was a time when diesel fuel did get to a high price, and all the truck drivers decided that they wouldn't stand for it and blocked the roads leading in and out of Oslo (their capital) with their trucks. And it supposedly did get gas prices down...
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why does the price of gass go up becauce there is talk of war! There is no war, there is no crisis yet the prices are up! I am the only person who has noticed this. Im sure not. And if we even go to war...very little to do with gas prices. How much oil do we get from iran? i dont know but i bet its close to zero. Its the countrys around iran that we get our oil from. Whats wrong with this picture! there are economics that we domt know about.
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Only 10% of our oil comes from the Middle East. The largest part comes from Canada, with Mexico and South America providing a large amount.

These nutters, who are accusing SUV drivers of supporting terrorism are ignoring the facts, as usual.

I have an '83 Oldsmobile that gets 20mpg, in the city. That's good, for a big-block V8. Bill's 4-cyl Nissan pickup gets around 30mpg. I like big, old cars and am going to drive them, for as long as I can.
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It's about $1.65 here at the 2 CHEAP stations for regular, at all the other places like mobile, exxon, etc the bigger ones it's all $1.73
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Maybe i should move to Ontario, Canada.. !!!:tounge2:

Btw, Princess Purr.. where do you live?

Have a lovely weekend, all!!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

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No you shouldn't move to Ontario - the prices given in that post were for one litre of gas, and there are 3.78 litres in a gallon.

We are paying between 75 and 85 cents a litre, which comes out to an average of just over $3.00 a gallon.

Plus the prices tend to go up all at once, from 75 to 85 cents in one day, so that's an increase of almost 40 cents a gallon in one fell swoop. Of course they are paying even more in Europe, but...
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Oh, Julies... okay, it that case, i will stay put.. hehe!

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Tamara, you're not the only who's noticed that they are hiking gas prices on the mere talk of war. In fact, some states are looking into whether or not price gauging is going on, which is against the law. I heard on CBS News the other night that we only get 3% of our oil from Iraq. I could see it going up a few cents, but the amount it's risen because of this is ridiculous. The really sad thing is that it won't go down all that much once it's over and done with. Once they have us paying that much and we get used to it they will keep it that high.
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Just wanted to say that my "issue" with SUVs and other gas eating monster cars has nothing to do with the war, and everything to do with the environment.
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