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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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It's starting to get warm in the conservatory now, so the kids are loving it

Sophie you smell funny?!

Mum, bring the sunblock out with you

Erm, no smooching you two!!

Tug o war with Jack

Then over the weekend the temperature dropped and the snow started

Jack bringing me a present from upstairs
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Jack suckling on my sleeve

Watching mum on TCS

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Look at them enjoying your sunroom I love the one of Jack carrying his toy
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Ah yes, it's time for the sun to start showing itself properly. Well apart from the snow we had this weekend.

Jack is so big and handsome now and I love Rosie's chatty self. She's adorable in her mid-meow photos.

They're such a contented looking bunch of cats, it's really nice to see their photos.
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Awww, they are so sweet, Susan! I cannot get over how big Jack is getting!
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They are all so adorable!! Great photos as well, Susan!!
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I always love seeing pics of your special kitties. Rosie is such a cutie.
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Rosie looks like such a character. Someone I'd like to invite for tea!

I'm sure she has an opinion on just about everything!
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Great pics give them kisses from me
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Always love looking at your pictures, Susan! Our little Jack is turning into Big Jack, huh?
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great pix! beautiful babies you got!
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oh my gosh, the look on Jack's face when he is suckling on your sleeve

Sophie sure does like to get up and personal with the computer

Rosie has got lounging down to an art!
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Your conservatory is very nice!! I can see why your cats enjoy it so much
I love the smooching photo - they are cute kissy kitties!
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As sweet as ever, Susan
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aww they are all sooo cute!
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aww, sooo sweet!
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What a nice room for your kitties to spend their time in.
They look so comfortable.
I like your doormat
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All three of them are gorgeous!

and from me and Beauty.
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I really those pictures!

Each of your kitties make my heart melt
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omy god rosie is stunning :o
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Awwww, they are all so precious. I love how Rosie just can't seem to keep her mouth shut even for pictures.
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