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When Salem Goes Into Labor....

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Will she do a lot of "screaming" like a woman does when she's in labor??

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All cats are individuals, but normally no, they don't make a lot of noise. Some will meow a little, most purr. But in the wild, noise is a no-no because it can attract predators which will harm a queen or her babies, so no, they normally don't make a lot of noise.
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Sophie didn't pant purr or make any noise or even move when she had babies lol. Olive screamed during one kitten but mostly purred and grunted she also walked all over her box as she gave birth.
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Ms Friskers called out loudly once per kitten, when she was giving the final push to get them out. Otherwise, she was totally quiet. She certainly didn't make enough noise to disturb the neighbors or anything.
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99% of the time they are pretty silent - I can't imagine how they can not make noise! I know how much it hurts. Only time my queen had trouble and actually screamed a little was when the sac broke too early and the kitten was born "dry" - I was trying to help her and she grabbed my hand and bit down in her pain.
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Elsa was totally silent. Actually it was the babies squeaking that woke me up.
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So I'm presuming that unless she's having any problems, she'll be pretty quiet...

I HOPE she doesn't let out any screams! I'm nervous enough as it is being a first-time grand-meowmy!

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One of my fosters last year was VERY vocal and woke up the whole house! Even those in the downstairs rooms, the dog and resident cats were sniffing at the crack under my bedroom door wondering what was going on. And this year's Twix was vocal for only one kitten.

I guess as with anything else, it varies; dependent on the size of the queen, the babies' heads, if they are breech, and the nature of the mom and how comfortable she is with you.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Elsa was totally silent. Actually it was the babies squeaking that woke me up.
You know... I have to tell you, sometimes I wonder if I was an animal mid-wife in another life... or maybe in this life But so far the cats I've fostered seem to come to me when it's time to deliver and I have seen the birth of all but one litter.

This year Twix's labor started, and I had to leave the room to use the restroom before I settled in for the long haul. When I came back she was at the door crying and had stopped her labor. In fact, if it werent for my camera I might've thought I was crazy... I seen an amniotic-sac-bubble before I left (and took picture) but when I came back it was gone!

I had worried she popped it, but the kitten was born with it's sac intact.

Last year one of my moms had her litter practically in my lap after she tried having her kittens in the middle of my living room floor (since then I confine my moms to my room in the last week) and another woke me up my jumping on me in my sleep. When I went to pet her, she growled at me, and jumped down... that is how I knew she was in labor.

Another noise indicator that they are close is digging. If you hear a constant digging in the litter box or nest, the time may just be near!

Good luck!!! Hope you have a swift stress-free wait!
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Coco didnt make any noise. I want there when she had because she was at my Dads. She had 3 then nothing for 12 hours. My Sister was petting her and the deformed dead one came. The Vet had said she would have 3 so we thought she was done after 3. My Sister was on the phone with me and she said what you doing Coco. She pushed once and the dead came then a minute later one more dead one. Meeko just had 1 Kitten and she meowed alot before when her labor started but never screamed. When whiskers had Kittens I was 12 and saw them born. She didnt scream either.
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