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Please Help Haggis!

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3+ years ago, we rescued Haggis, our male orange tabby, when he was about a year old. Very sweet guy, very friendly, totally mellow. Back in September, however, we started noticing that he was suddenly losing a lot of weight (and eating like a pig); we also noticed telltale "wet spots" on places like our bed, our guest bed, on the dog's beds, the couch, the loveseat, etc. So we rushed him off to our vet, she ran a CBC and said that his white blood cell count was very high, so she treated him with Baytril.

The peeing continued, however, without pattern; sometimes he'd do it, sometimes he wouldn't. Weight loss stabilized, but he never gained back anything that he lost. Coat was starting to look greasy, and he looked depressed and sad. And then we had to put Neville, our older cat, to sleep; Haggis continued to pee, but the only place he wouldn't go near was Neville's bed and favorite chair. (And lest I forget: we have 4 clean litter boxes in the basement, 1 covered one, and use very high quality litter.)

We just had to go away for a business trip, so we took him back to our vet and said TURN OVER EVERY ROCK-- we need to get to the bottom of this. So this last week, she ran another CBC, T4, and everything came back perfect. We went to pick him up, and he peed--IN THE CAT CARRIER. Brought him into the house, and he peed on our bed, on the dog's bed, and pretty much wherever else he could, including his own favorite places to sleep.

He has always had a great relationship with the other animals, so we do not feel that this has anything to do with what's happening; he pees on our bed (which is where he sleeps) as often as he pees on our dog's bed, or in the guest bathroom tub.

We are absolutely NOT convinced that this is unrelated to his weight loss; they happened simultaneously, and the weight loss has been so dramatic (the poor guy looks like skin and bones) that I cannot fathom that there is not something else going on. For him to be perfectly healthy for 3+ years and then suddenly have this happen points (at least to us) to something physical going on, since his external stimuli hasn't changed except for the loss of male catNeville (in January) and the introduction of (new female kitten) Charlotte (in October); weight loss and peeing occurred long before these two events happened, and he apparently adores Charlotte (lots of grooming and wrestling).

I'm ready to stick my head in the oven. Do you have any advice?
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poor boy - he's definitely got something wrong w/him! i'm assuming they checked for diabetes?
once they've determined his health issues, i highly recommend the cat attract products - they've helped greatly w/my Chip!
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Yes, they checked for diabetes, thyroid disease---you name it. Thanks--Elissa
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Geez... poor baby, I don't have any advice to offer, but I would definitely seek the opinion of another vet.
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I'd try for a second opinion as well - and, have you tried Cat Attract litter and new locations for at least some of the boxes) in the meantime? Sometimes they just get it in their heads that the location and litter is just not right - such fun buying boxes and every litter in the store til you find the right combo!

Good luck - it's so darn frustrating when they can't just tell you what's wrong.
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