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Cute but annoying

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When I'm sleeping and Popsie wants me to get up he'll sit right by my face and then lean down like he's going to bunt me but then stops. The result is his whiskers lightly brushing my face and tickling me. Or sometimes he'll sit there and make the mrrrrp sound over and over. At least these are better than his old way of waking me up. Meowing loudly in my ear. How do your kitties get you up?
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Luke walks on me and purrs right in my face. His little feet hurt me sometimes when he walks on me, but all he wants is some loving. =)

His tactics work. He gets me up, lol.
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Hannah jumps up on the bed and starts licking me. If that doesn't work, then she starts pawing at the covers.

Callie jumps on the bed and paces up and down my side of the bed, head butting me, purring loudly, trying to get under my hand for pets. If that doesn't work, then she plays in the blinds of the window by my side of the bed.

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My 2 girl cats pooh bear and tibby never wake me up,but my little man barnaby is a terror he dosent think i should sleep at all and has found a new game of jumping of my windowsill and aims for my head which is lovely when iv just dropped of,then when he decides he needs feeding at 5am he will start with purring then if that dosent work he will bite my hair and face till i get up!!! My friends tell me to shut him out of room but when hes not being a pain he makes a lovely hot water bottle-teddy bear lol and iv never slept through the alarm clock since we got him
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Mine are just at the age where they've stopped sleeping on my command and do it on their own... Whenever they damn well feel like it. They've also decided that when they're ready to get up, so am i. Like it or not.

They have numerous ways of getting me up. First, I let them sleep in the bed with me. When they're sure I've gone to sleep and i'm not moving, they curl up in little balls. Usually right on the pillow in my face (always ass first) or right next to me under my arm.

When they decide i'm ready to get up they do a few things that are cute, and a couple that are annoying:

1. Climb on my head, paw at my eyes (no claws) and repeatedly meow.
2. like posted above they get right up close to my face and let their whiskers tickle me. I HATE that one.
3. I sleep on my side. They like to climb up on my shoulder, lay down and softly paw my ear, then sniff and lick the inside of my ear which sounds like a dump truck.
4. Climb into and on top my hair, and bite it, pulling out as much as they can. I don't see the fun in this one either.

It seems like they simply love waking me up. Which strangely puts me in a good mood after I'm up. unless I'm REALLY tired.
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Sandy will be sleeping on my pillow and start purring and pawing my head. Then she gets herself over-stimulated and the claws and teeth come out.

Boomie sits right in front of my face (I'm a side sleeper) and sniffs my nose then he paws at my face.

Bubba (at 20 lbs) walks over me and paws at the covers.
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Bugsy is a good boy, he doesn’t bother me until he sees my eyes open then he will run and lie on my chest for our morning cuddles.

Capone on the other hand decides at least twice a week that he absolutely NEEDS cuddles at like 4am. He will jump on my chest and slowly move his head towards mine then quickly jab his nose into my mouth… It is a horrible way to wake up and he is lucky he is so cute!! Probably my bad because then I will give him a huge cuddle session… I’m up anyway lol.
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Pepper jumps all over me... then she'll get on my pillow and head butt me... then she jumps down and finds something to play with to make noise... then she does the whole thing over again until I get up.
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