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Two year old for sale

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I was in my room and the bathroom is next door I kept hearing something and at first I thought my dad was in there or it was the dryer because I have clothes in there but I got up to investigate and my niece was in there by herself. She had found my makeup and had it smeared into the floor, her clothes, and was about to redecorate the bathroom wall. Luckily I caught her in time to clean it up. So does anyone want a 2 year old she will sing to you and she decorates.
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Reminds me of a little girl caught in her grandma's bedroom singing and emptying the tissue box one tissue at a time...
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Oh yes please That brings back memories of when my two boys were toddlers. I was working the mickey mouse shift at the post office and the wife had a part time job a couple of days a week in the mornings. she would wake me up before she st off at about 6.30 and I would get up to look after the boys. Well one morning I got up a bit late, I crept downstairs and opened the door to the lounge They had got anything and everything from the kitchen cupboards and mixed it all up in bowls and spread it over everything in the lounge. Sofa, telly, fishtank, carpet, walls the lot. I shut the door and went back to bed and tried waking up again to see if it was a bad dream I was having. But Na!! it was real.
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She is now in my room listening to music. She loves music but she came by it honest music is a big part of our life she was watching spongebob but I hate that show and I can only take so much of it.
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How precious!
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No thank you - we raised ours - all out of the house. I'll deal with the 4-legged 2 yrs old....they don't get into makeup
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not sure bout the sale part, but maybe a rental? my kitchen needs some touchups and she couldnt be any worse at painting then i am, i spill more paint then i get on the walls. lol. maybe you should get her her "own makeup" the kind thats easy to wash off if she gets too artistic and a keraoke machine!

any takers on the young artist might want the bf or brother i have for sale. neither of them seam interested in getting out of bed this morning, i told them both we were leaving at noon and if they needed rides to work to be ready and so far my brother isnt answering his phone so i am betting he is still in bed and the bf is snoring away.
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Reminds me of when my nephew then 3 or so (now 22) emptied an entire can of shave gel into the bathroom garbage can...he stood there telling me he hadn't done anything to it ---meanwhile the foam is spilling over the sides of the garbage can lifting up the lid
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I was with a 2yr old and 4 yr old boys last night... lol I too will take the four legged 2 yr olds
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