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*****KatKwiz Notice!*****

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My main computer is down. Right in the middle of income taxes. I cannot deal with a small laptop and phone line. I WILL be back. Unfortunately, income tax has a priority and fat chance of trying to get my desktop fixed this week so I will have to do everything over on this.

PLEASE KEEP THIS REFRESHED so all KatKwiz players will get the message.
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Awww man, that stinks Sorry.
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bumping it up
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< < < B U M P > > >
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another bump!
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yikes that doesn't sound fun!!!
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That does not sound at all good!

*bump bump*
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Eeek! I hope you get your taxes done!
Thanks for the notice!
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
PLEASE KEEP THIS REFRESHED so all KatKwiz players will get the message.
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A bump from me too!!
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Just another bump.
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Another bump from Beauty and I.
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Here's another bump - it's falling down a lot again!
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Just for future reference: TCS only "allows" mods/administrators to "bump" threads, so rather than posting the word "bump", perhaps you could circumvent the rule by making a post, or putting up a smiley?

Notice how I've just managed to "bump" the thread while adhering to the rule for non-mods?
P.S. Sorry to be such a party-pooper!
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**moving on up**
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