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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
have yall seen this about peta? this is a doozy!
Wow, they'll hop on anything to get attention won't they? As for Underwood... I hope that SOB rots - I say don't feed him at all.
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seriously what is peta thinking?

sorry for the OT
i knew him (and jamie) and he TRIED to tell the dr his meds were making him psycho (lexapro is notorious for it). he had *serious* mental probs any and i think he would have himself but i dont think he wouldve gone to this extent. since theyve switched his meds, hes realized what hes done and he wants to die. its kinda sad actually.
personally i think he should get life and have to suffer instead of getting the quick way out, but thats just me

i talked to him hours before he did it, too. *shudders*
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
have yall seen this about peta? this is a doozy!
It's truly sad that such a well organized and well funded organization has chosen such a nutty path. Humans do use animals badly, habitually and with little thought. They could do so much good.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
^Many of the people posting in this tread volunteer at their local shelters, foster, and many do donate.
I've taken in 9 abused/stray cats, and have given them a lot of my time, love and care; spent thousands of $$$ on medical care, food, litter, and toys. I've also donated quite a bit of money, my talent, and time to no-kill animal shelters. I also try to buy items from charities that benefit animals. I've also kept pets from being surrendered to the local SPCA, which would have been a death sentence for them, by intervening, and talking to the owners. I feed outdoor wildlife; always have. I've also always had a large number of pets, all of whom were strays or abused animals. I'm also always open to temporarily foster animals in need, even if only for overnight. I also have an outdoor cat shelter for cold weather, for neighborhood cats.

I'd say I've done a little bit for the animals.
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Originally Posted by Ellen13 View Post
PETA is not perfect, but they have done a lot to help animals. For the people complaining about them, what have you done for animals?
Unfortunately PETA are doing more to harm animals than they are helping. Maybe at one time their intentions were good and their mandate was honourable, but it certainly isn't anymore.

Also, the question of what any of us has done for animals isn't even an issue and totally irrelevant to what harm PETA are doing so why even ask such a question. We love our animals, give them wonderful care and many of us give money or time to other animals in need or honourable organizations needing help.
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What I find so odd about this whole thing, is that PETA (or their head honcho) has decided to make a clear line between domestic and "wild" animals...That is, they don't want the seals in canada clubbed, but are OK with killing domestic dogs and cats... I'd be really interested to know, what they'd do if they, for instance, were able to "rescue" foxes that were used for fur farming...would they kill them or release them?

If they killed them, perhaps they think that killing all animals is the only solution? If they released them, then they really do just think wild animals are worthy of life.

All of that said, IMO having this devision of how the animals are treated, and the difference in their rhetoric and their actions clearly shows hypocracy and that they really don't have a deep love of animals...otherwise they wouldn't be able to do what they have done. Now of course, if Ms. Newkirk is as crazy as her will and statements make her sound, maybe she does love animals and killing them IS her way of showing it

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I volunteer every week with a cat rescue, and I foster cats to be adopted. I do what I can.

PETA's way, would be to have all those "domestic" cats and dogs killed, so that they are no longer caged as pets. None of us would have our animals as companions. According to peta, they are better off dead, than snuggled up in bed with us at night.

Newkirk is clearly a nut. Unfortunately, her organization has the money and backing to do damage. I think the general idea behind peta might have been a good one originally. Putting an end to the fur trade and things of that nature are a noble idea. Wholesale slaughter of all companion animals is just nuts.

I ordered my "PetaKillsAnimals" bumper sticker this week.
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PETA is currently being a real pain at the main train station in the city where I work. They're actively seeking new members, and approaching anybody who walks anywhere near their stand, asking, "Do you care about animals?" Uh, yeah, I do, and that's one of the main reasons why I don't like PETA's "philosophy".

I'm getting sick of being accosted every day on the way to my train, and having the same argument. Today I just said , which really wasn't the best way to deal with it.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I ordered my "PetaKillsAnimals" bumper sticker this week.
Excellent Display it proudly as I do. I also have a T-shirt
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