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Olive Is In Labor!

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I woke up this morning to 3 kittens. She definatly has more in there I will keep you updated.
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The threee kittens so far are 1 solid silver tabby, 1 silver tabby with perfect tuxedo markings, andone calico. Not sure where the calico came from...
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The fourth one was born and it is also a silver tabby with white tuxedo markings. She had a really hard time with the last one and I had to help she screamed alot and she came out breach.

Here are the sexes.
Silver tabby-female
silver tabby with white-male
silver tabby with white-female

Not sure if there are any more.
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Not sure anyone is even looking at this thread...Olive gave birth to another kitten so that makes 5. The 5th baby is also silver tabby with tuxedo markings and a girl. So so far 4 girls and 1 boy.
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Congrats on the new babies, can't wait to see pictures!!
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omg pics!
name the calico mischiefe
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OMG 5 so far. You must be so happy it is finally coming to an end, actually just the beginning of all the fun. I'm living the kittens thru you, so I can't wait for the pics. A calie also. I'm so jealous.
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Thanks everyone. I will post pictures in an hour or so. It seems she is done at 5. The little calico seems to have silver tabby spots and cream spots as well as white on her. She is a cute little baby. The others are adorable as well of course. I'm laughing too because there are 4 girls and only 1 boy.
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Oh my goodness!!!! So sorry that Olive had to struggle with one of the kits!!!

Hope she and the babies are ok!!!!

And congrats!!!!
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Congrats they sounds sooooooo cute! can't wait to see the pictures!
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Poor little Olive at having trouble with the last one, but I a glad she is ok. I can't wait to see pics either.
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