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Sunday What's On Your Agenda.

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Morning All!!!

Another nice spring day here and I am off to work shortly

Oh well it shouldn't be to long of a day hopefully.

After work I am meeting my aunt for coffee and a quick snack then heading home for a early night..

Didn't sleep that great last night so I am a bit of the weary side this morning.

The cats are good, sitting in the window watching the squirrels bickering in the yard..Apparently it is a issue of who's nest fodder belongs to who..Anyways it is keeping the cats amused..

Everyone have a great day
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Fell asleep around 3 am , was woken up at 8:30 by my roommates having a fight. So once they stop fighting I'll be going back to bed and doing laundry.
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well, i'll be going round my partner's parent's for lunch, in a couple of hour's. when am back, i'll most probably be doing nothing LOL! hope you all have a great day!
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Its a beautiful day out there today...sunny and 13 degrees. I just dropped Josh off for his 30km run I am going to get ready and get some groceries before I pick him up in 3 hours or so.

We are just going to chill at my sisters today. Its his last day here..then I won't see him until May

Its been an amazing weekend though
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Well glad you are having a good time with Josh!!!!

Its sunny and going to be in 60's today!!!

Yesterday I had the garden seminar (just ok) and went relative visiting last night. I feel asleep in the car then couldn't sleep when we got home so a bit tired.

A got a referral call yesterday however so I have a job this afternoon. Don't know how long it will take though. So I'm going to work outside in my beds for a couple of hours this morning.

Rain predicted tonite and off and on for the next several days so I will be limited in what I can do outside.

Have a good one......
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It is just gorgeous outside but I am doing chores inside today. Had a wonderful breakfast. Will probably go outside a bit later to ride bikes. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!
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I am not doing anything today. My boyfriend is working until 5 and then we are going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.
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I'm working on homework, did a little housework, still have the dishes to do, changed a litterbox, and watched a bunch of Battlestar Galactica that I had on the DVR. Later I'm watching LOTR: The Return of the King on TNT HD channel. I watched the first 2 already this weekend.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
I am not doing anything today. My boyfriend is working until 5 and then we are going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.
That is a super cute movie! I watched it last night and loved it!

We just got back from shopping. I got a new laptop, since my died during the week. It's an HP and I love it so far. My old one was a Toshiba and it last almost 7 years; hopefully my new one will last that long. Other than that, not doing anything. Just picking up the apartment a bit.
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Spent the day with MIL - it was her 65th birthday on Friday, so we all went out for brunch together today (complete with screaming kids!) It was fantastic fun!
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I didn't get to sleep until close to 3am, so I feel like a zombie... We had dinner with friends that went late, then by the time we got home and got to bed it was about 1:45am, then Stumpy spent the next HOUR tearing around the house like a maniac. She seriously had the wind up her stumpy tail. I checked on her and she was fine, just being psycho. So by the time she stopped, and I fell asleep it was 3. GROOOOOAN!

I'm supposed to be studying while DH spend the day in San Francisco with friends, but I can't get the motivation. Grumble grumble grumble.

Of course Stumpy has been sleeping all day after playing all night.
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Looking for jobs and stripping wallpaper let the good times roll...
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