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My fishtank

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I have a 30g planted tank. Currently with 6 cherry barbs and 5 sterbai cories in it. The most prominent plant in there is dwarf hygro.

Nikita mostly ignores the tank although she loves sleeping on top of it since the lights make the hood warm.

There's a hidden cory in this one

Here's the tank in full

I quite enjoy it. I sometimes wish I had a bigger tank but I don't think I'd manage taking care of one.
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nice looking tank, and nice fish
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Beautiful tank and pics Cories are wonderful fish - just love 'em.
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ooo nice!
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Thats really nice!
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Awesome!! And huge!!

I have always wanted one of them fish tanks that are built in the wall
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Nice tank!!!
I used to have cherry barbs!

I am hoping to add more plants to my tank now and make it nice and planted.I had some live plants,but a couple months ago there was an outbreak of ICH in my tank and when i was treating the fish (most of which died anyway)...the plants ended up dying too.
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That's a really nice looking tank! Neat fish!!!
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Your fish tank is terrific!! Those are lucky fishies! I love how you have it setup, its very nice
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Very nice!!!
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I am a HUGE fan of both cories and the cherry barbs...but mostly I'm a cory/loach freak. I've never kept sterbai before...can't get them local and they're too pricey. I have kept panda, melini, skunks, and a couple other various species (can't think of the names off the top of my head). What I'd LOVE to have is a group of the pygmey cories (any of the species). I've also had several types of loaches..currently dojo, clown, and black kuhliis...have had Sids and yo-yos in the past.

I would post some pics of my tanks, but they aren't in the best of shape right now. I have a 46gl that I'm thinking about dismantling, unless I can come up with the time to completely re-aquascape it. Keeping a higher light tank is more work IMO, all of my low-light setups have been much easier to maintain and better looking.

Nice Tank!
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beautiful tank & great photos! I like your 'scape!
I'm into freshwater planted tanks also (a 20 high & 15 high). It's good to see that others are into it, too.
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Wonderful tank and I found the "hidden cory" lol . Mine is in sad shape, but I counted everybody but one who hides alot yesterday (looks like a loach, but is better tempered? lol I can't remember what he's called...). I have tetras mostly .
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