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Morning All!

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And today here on the South Coast of England, we have SNOW!

Sure was a pleasant surprise to wake up to here, especially now that it's Spring! And it is falling thick and fast, just how I like it and it's settling on the ground too.

Both Shark and Brandy have retreated indoors to avoid cold paws, goodness knows where Arwen is hiding though

Anyway, thought I would share that with you guys! Have a great day where ever you are!
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wooo! we have snow aswel!
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wow, how exciting! I hope Arwen is keeping warm!

I wish we got snow here in southern Australia.

I remember when I was working in a small town in Holland. It was day's before Christmas and it started snowing. I was sooooo very excited as its something that we just never experience here. I simply said "I quit" and walked out and went and played in the snow

It was such a fun day! I played with the little kids in the town square, made snowmen, threw snowballs.... gosh so much fun!
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