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Teen kills father for cutting off internet access

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I didn't put this in Breaking Mews, though, because I think it will invite a fair amount of debate.

This boy was suicidal, his mother `wasn't worried' and then he ended up killing his father. With a gun he found lying around.

I don't want to turn this thread into a debate on gun control, although I feel very strongly in this case that the father would not be dead had there not been guns in the house - and this is essentially from the way the article was worded.

What bothers me more, though, is that a boy who had clear intentions of suicide was not questioned or treated by his parents - and that their response to finding out that he had posted suicide threats was to ban him from his one place of outlet.

I feel terribly sorry for this boy and feel most definitely that his parents failed him - although obviously his father didn't deserve to die over it.


PS - The title is supposed to say `Teen kills father', not Ten! Mods could you adjust for me??
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Oh wow

What were those parents thinking??? The child clearly needed help, and they still left guns lying around the house? I think the mother should be put on trial for child endangerment.

What a sad sad tale
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I agree Jane - I can't imagine finding out my child had posted about wanting to kill herself on MySpace and me saying `Oh well. Not to worry. I'll just lock up all the guns'.


Somehow I don't think it was not being allowed access to MySpace that was the problem here....
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There are several signs in this case. Agreed, guns are far to easy to own................but if you do, do you leave it out in complete access for anyone? Second, if you are punishing your child for suicidal or violent expression, do you leave your gun out? Even if you hunt (god save you!), do you leave your gun out!
Agreed, wasn't just Myspace lockout, obviously!
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My guess on what this article isn't saying, is that Dad had total control over the family, including the mom. He's the one that set the rules and enforced it. Hence the mom's response...if she shared some of the control at home, then she would have been worried. My other thought about the mom is that was in a state of depression herself.

Yes, I agree that the teen should have been put into counseling or the hospital...however if I'm right about Dad having total control over the family, he probably didn't want to admit that his son had an issue. Some people are still embarrassed by the concept of depression.
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It's hard to understand how the parents could not take the suicide threats seriously. From the report it seems like a case of bad judgment that had dire consequences. It's terrible for all involved.
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I don't know-- it sounds like he had 0 social support in his school or neighborhood. He's in Arizona, and the friends that called the cops after seeing his threats lived in Florida, 2,000 miles (3200 km) away.

So maybe it was, in part at least, cutting him off from the only support system he knew that drove him over the edge.

It also sounds like he never actually intended to kill himself. He sat for hours in his house with a gun, murdered his dad execution-style, and THEN called a friend to talk him out of it?

It sounds like his parents thought he was attention-seeking, and maybe they're right. People do use deceitful threats of suicide to manipulate others. I know two people who have committed suicide this year, both men, and both with guns, and neither gave any warning to anybody. I don't mean to say that people don't actually write notes or anything, but the fact that this kid kept threatening it solely as a means to get people to talk him out of it makes me feel less sympathy for him, not more.

He killed his dad. Who cares if his parents acted a little less than responsibly? He's being charged with first-degree murder and tried as an adult, and I can't imagine anything else being appropriate.
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Even if you hunt (god save you!), do you leave your gun out!
OK what The kid did was wrong,But your comment about the gun and hunting,is what I am going to comment on, If man did not hunt ,there would be WAY to many of all animals,ie: deer,rabbits,moose,ect.I feel a quick kill with a gun,would be better than a slow starving to death!And that is what would happen! And if you go into the bible you would find that God gave us all the animals on earth to manage and use. If we let the animals die by starving we would be doing exactly what God commands not to do. If you can show me in the bible where God says it is a sin to hunt well then maybe I'll give it up. Again it is not the gun that kills it's the one pulling the triger. My SO,: has been around guns most of his life and is trained on how to use them, so are my boys they to have been around them all there lives and never had even a close call.
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If you have to have a gun, LOCK IT UP and make sure the kid doesn't have a key or the combo... Obviously this child had some issues. They should have taken him to see a doctor when they found out about the suicide. He needed to be under medical care.
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