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I found THE dress!!!

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Most of you will know that I was wedding dress shopping on Friday with mum and my fiance's aunt (his mum couldn't make it). Well.... it was a roaring success!! I only tried on two gowns and fell completely head over hells in love with the second one The first one made me look like a half melted candle and I coudln't breathe in it at all (so I sent a button pinging across the room at one point - SOO embarassing!!) but the second one was absolutely perfect! It's simple and elegant and fits like a dream - AND I can make the skirt as big and poofy as I want it! Dear Aunty has also managed to talk me into having a veil too - not something I'm overly keen on, but it'll shut her up if she gets to make it. After all, no-one said I ever had to wear the thing - if she'd had her way, I would have been wearing something about 40m long and covered in so much lace it would have been better suited as a tablecloth. But I made her promise that if she was going to make me wear a veil, then she had to make it the way I wanted it and no arguments! That seemed to work!

I went to House of Brides smelling of uncastrated male cat (I got peed on at work and no amount of sponge bath took the smell away ) I looked appalling - but still EVERYONE in the store stopped and stared and told me I was gorgeous in that dress!! If I can look amazing when I feel so disgusting, I'm going to look even better on the big day. I even had the pleasure of meeting the gown's designer! She was such a nice lady - I was just the perfect girl for the dress, she said!! The best bit was that it was relatively cheap compared to the other gowns in the store too - so I immediately put a deposit on it and they'll look after it for me until the big day!

I had a fantastic time and as soon as I can find a picture to post for you to see, it will be up here!!
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Congratulations!!! finding the perfect dress is a big hurdle crossed. You must be SO excited! Hoping the rest of the days go as smooth!
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! im making my own veil but im overly full with work right now, i will start making it in two weeks
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Congratulations on finding the dress!!! I LOVED my veil- it was a cathedral veil- but i didn't wear the cathedral part- just the fingertip part that came with it and a blusher and it looked gorgeous with the dress! I'm sure you're going to look stunning when it's all said and done!
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I can't wait to see the photo!
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That's fabulous!!!! I loved my second dress as well! Which was convenient because it was only 6 weeks before the wedding and had to be made....

Can't wait to see pics!
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Well, it's jsut typical that I choose one of the few dresses that ISN'T on the designers' website! Lotus Paris Couture is new on the market, so they're only displaying a fwe select gowns on the www to prevent copies being made by other companies. I guess they really don't want mine copied!

I'll have to see if I can find a picture of something even close.... either that or I'll have to get photos next time I go in there it's a good excuse to twirl around in it again!!
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Have you checked to see if its displayed on or (if they have a UK version...)?? Catalog picture that you can photograph/scan? Sorry, I'm just excited for you!
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Nope, it's only been released here - and only just released here. Brand new on the market. I'm going to check around.... ok this is the very closest I could find.

Imgine the diagonal sweep being shorter and instead of there being a flower at the waist, it's rouched to make my waist look smaller. It's also got diamante work along the neckline and across the waist and skirt.

I'll be sure to get a few photos when I go back to House of Brides.
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Imagining... and it's fabulous! You're going to be so gorgeous in that gown!
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Oh that's exciting!
That's a gorgeous dress there, and I like the sound of the diamante.
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Thats so pretty - I bet you look stunning in it!
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You are going to look beautiful!!!! I'm so glad you found the right dress!! How exciting!!
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I love it - and the best bit is that I don't look short and tubby in it. Which is precisely what I am!!
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