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Teeth Cleaning

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Do you brush your cat's teeth? What products do you use (be specific)? Do you have any special techniques? How often do you do it? Do you have your cat's teeth scaled at the vet's?

Satey has never been in for a cleaning. He has always eaten dry food. The vet always writes down that his teeth are fine on the evaluation at his yearly checkups. But when I look at his teeth I see tartar. I am all worried about having his teeth done since they have to sedate him to do it (I am so overprotective it's nuts!)

I was just looking for all the advice and info I could get here. Thanks you guys!
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Hi Illusion.
My vet tells me the same thing. My kitties eat dry food & my older cat is 4 years old, so far his teeth look great. I've read about cleaning their teeth but the thought of dong it myself seems scary (unless started at a very early age).
:goodbad: Use your better judgement, if you feel it's really needed then try to find out how to do it. I've seen finger tip brushes ?? at pet stores you put on your finger then rub their teeth. Good Luck.
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I'm switching to dry only, because of the teeth thing. I had my older cat, Nigel, taken in last year to have his teeth done, after 6 years. He came back really mad. He attacked two of the technicians, was so upset he threw up all over his cage, and had to be sent home the first time. AFter rescheduling, he did better, but wouldn't let me touch his leg for weeks (it was shaved for the IV). I'm not doing that again. I did get a toothbrush with the kitty toothpaste. He loved me brushing his teeth, because he loved the taste of the toothpaste. I had to give that up too, because he was eating more of the paste, than me being able to brush his teeth. I use tartar control treats, and bought dental rubbing pellets. The are green and look like little corks. The smell like fish, and the cats loooooove them. So much, that Nigel found the bag and ate them all up one evening. It's made in a way where they really have to chew at them.

A little tarter is okay, but when it gets too much, you can have some serious problems with the bacteria getting into their blood stream. If the vet thinks it's time to scrape, you really need to do it. In the meantime, use the tartar stuff and try to brush, but if you can't, there is the Dental Diet stuff from Friskies. I throw a few of those into their cat food and they love it.
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There are a few things you can do aside from getting your fingers bit off. Only a few cats I know will tolerate brushing. Yes, dry food only helps alot, but doesnt fix the problem all together. The one thing you can ask the vet about is CHX. It is a gel you can put on the gums twice a week. Then there is a product made by oxyfresh that you put in the water. They are both a real help in the fight.
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Sandie, I think I'll ask about those products.

My cat WILL need to have his teeth scaled, and I am shooting for October. I have to psych myself up for it too.

The only time my cat was put under was when he was neutered, and he did fine. My sister's cat, on the other hand, woke up crazed and fighting. My cat was very calm about the whole thing. I am still very wary of having him put under just to have his teeth scaled, but I know it has to be done. Since the vet always says his teeth are OK, I can put it off til *I* am ready, I suppose.
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