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Originally Posted by tab View Post
what a heartbreaking thread reading yours and everyone elses sad stories.

my heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. you are doing the right thing for your precious tigerpuss. i know her crossing will be a great relief to her and once again she will be fit and healthy. there are many, many kitties waiting to welcome her across rainbow bridge.

to you.
i wouldn't worry about the pedialyte, if she prefers something else - just make her comfy & love all you can on here while she's still here w/you. this is probably the hardest decision you'll ever make, but it sounds like the right one... remember that we're all here for you - not just now, but after, as well
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As hard as it is to let go, think about how much she is suffering and is the quality of life worth it? I lost my first cat to cancer - he was 14 lbs - and when I took him in the vet told me he could pump him full of meds and he might live another week, month or a few months. He was nothing but a walking skelton and couldn't keep anything down he ate. On top of that he could not make it to the litter pan in time unless he was constantly caged.

I could have prolonged things, but IMO it was not fair to him or me. I let him go peacefully before it got worse.

IMO its not murder - its kindness when they are in that downhill stage of life.
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My hearts are prayers are with you during this difficult time. I am praying for strength and comfort for you today.
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Hold while you drive, not only will it make her realize that you love her, but it will help you through the drive. I once asked my nineteen year old dog not to die, I told him I needed him, it was hard for him, he was blind, and deaf, healthy though. I didn't know what to do, I was young, but as I started to see that he was slowing down, I laid with him that night, and I told him I loved him, I held him and I whispered in his ear that I was ready for him to go to sleep, I was allright if he couldn't handle the pain anymore. I know he understood me, he died the next week, I understood, I think he follows me everywhere now and guards me, I dream of him. I hope that you can handle your decision, you did make the right one. She is ready, maybe she is just trying to tell you she wants to cross the rainbow bridge. Don't fear for her, you cared for her so long, she will always be with you, she will guide your sould one day to heaven. Good luck, I am sorry for you loss
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My deepest condolences for the loss of Tigerpuss. It has been 8 months since I had to take that last ride to the vet with Meowser and I still miss him terribly

My goes out to you during this difficult time!
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I wouldn't revive this thread if it were not for what could be seen as a coincidence by some but for me it just couldn't possibly be.

When I posted about loosing Brat kitten April 6th it was the first time I had spoken of it sense the incident Dec 23,2007. Shortly after I wrote this I went back to the on-line support group that helped me through the initial phases of grieving and was able to post my version of a memorial - the signature below and another tag I use in a pet advocacy group - I still I cry when I work with her pics but the grieve doesn't over whelm me like it once did - The signatures and such are the closest thing I have - she deserves more but some how I think her legacy is more than any thing I can generate on a computer.

Remember how I said my dog took Brat Kitten's life?

Yesterday evening Gary brought home two kittens whose mom and litter mates had been killed by their owners dog. At first the guy was just going to let Gary take one but between my shrieking and swearing over the phone and my husband's personal persuasiveness we were able to rescue both of them.

I am glad we got them both they are soo cute - like a match set.

I lost one to a dog but got to rescue two from another dog - these new arrivals are about the same age Brat was when we lost her.

I added this final piece to this thread seeing I have not spoken of the incident else where and some how it is appropriate - like a confirmation from the power that is the universe {in which ever fashion the reader understands}

{click to enlarge pics}

The babies we rescued from cat killing dog. They lost their mother and litter mates to this dog who was still being kept in same area unrestrained /unrestricted. {some people are idiots}
I have learned from them - as long as we can play together we can thrive through even the most heart breaking experiences.

Ferocious - the feral who got a chance to be protected, pampered and loved dearly. She is so precious to me. I have learned fro her - Relationships = together + quality time .

Brat Kitten few days before she went to the rainbow bridge. My love kitten oh how I miss her dearly - Her life was way to short but it was not in vein. She taught me love isn't love until your sacrifice some thing precious.

When one is willing to make a choice they know is going to hurt so their beloved furbabies can be relieved from suffering - you have sacrificed- you have set the pain of parting willing upon yourself so that your furbaby doesn't have to physically suffer. That is the sacrifice of love. . . .
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Man you guys are so strong. I can't imagine what the last ride with Popsie will be like. It gets hard to breath just thinking about it. I will probably have to have somebody drive because I don't think I could. I'm so sorry you had to lose your baby girl FelineLuver.
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It is a very hard thing to do - it is the one time I wish I couldnt drive, and could get someone to take me. Fortunately, my vets is only a few minutes drive away.
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