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Beware the sleeping blond ridgeback

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Yet another quirk of one of the Jellicles that I was able to finally catch a picture of.

When Blondie Rumpleteaser is in a deep, deep sleep, she will raise a ridge along her back, almost like a dorsal fin. Usually, when she is out where she can be seen to get a picture, she'll be sleeping lightly and won't do it. But today, she was totally zonked out on the fouton and I was able to finally get a shot of it

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Thats unreal!

Its like she does that to still look scary, even though she's asleep!
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That reminds me of my little brothers baby pictures, where Mom would finger curl what little bit of hair he had, right on the top of his head!! She sure looks comfortable!!
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Cool! Maybe it's B.R.'s motion detector. Is she very sensitive to noise or movement even when asleep?
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That's amazing! Never seen a cat do that. Any theories? Oh and she is gorgeous!
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Thats funny!! I have never seen a cat do that!!

BTW, she is a beautiful lady!!
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It's like the curl on a Dairy Queen cone! She is a beautiful orange girl.
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she is beautiful! very similar to my rb janet (who was a boy, don't be fooled by the name!)

i love those strawberry blondes!
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That's crazy
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Glad you got a picture of that! That is neat Never seen a cat do that before...How cute!
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My little girl is called rumleteaser, and another is called mistofalees
thats sooooooo scary!
we nickname our fat tabby george, bustopher jones!
this is unreal :o
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That is too funny. I wonder if she is dreaming of something she is trying to attack? Oreo has that happen on her back when she is getting ready to attack Jazz.
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