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Sadie and her Kittens(with pictures)

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Sadie seems to be doing very well as a mommy..the kittens are getting fatter every day!! All of their eyes are opened they are hissing quite a bit now and moving around a lot are some pictures of her babies and her!!
here are all 3 boys

Here is Black-he has the most attitude!!

here is my precious Cody

Sadie and her little girl

little boy tabby

All four sleeping

All four eating

I fall a bit more in love with them every day!!! Sadie has became so loving she purrs all the time and insists on being petted and the center of attention!! more pics to follow next week...In this thread!
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They are beautiful! I can't get over the resemblance between cody and one of my kittens. It's so funny when little guys like that hiss isn't it? Mine only hiss at my dogs they don't hiss at people since they were cuddled everyday since they were 1 day old.
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Mine dont hiss when held just when I uncover their play pen Im invading their privacy...Its so cute though lol they weigh less then a pound and are protecting their little house I know they do look so much alike!!!
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lol mine do hiss when they are startled but then they realize it's me. Mine though were hissing and spitting at my dogs when they came over to sniff them when they were only 12 hours old.
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They are an adorable bunch! Subscribing to the thread now, dont want to miss the updates.
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Awww, so cute!
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They are so precious, the baby pictures and of course, mom, too!!
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They are all just adorable! I'll take the black one if you don't want him! Geronimo (who is also a black cat) had an attitude too when I first got him. Now he's nothing but a big baby!

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Their little paws and claws are just adoable.
Sadie is such a loving Mommy.

Thanks for sharing Sadie's babies with us.
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thanks guys they are so cute!! And growing so fast!!! I cant wait until they start playing and attacking each other
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aww more kittens to watch as they grow up!! They are all just adorable!!
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They're cute. With their full little bodies, and little ears... they look kind of like mini sea otters
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