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Zissou visited the topiary garden!

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We went to the topiary garden here today! Lots of people were there and they all wanted to visit with Zissou. She got lots of love.

Exploring the new spring bulbs

The topiaries-- this used to be the school for the deaf, but that moved. You might be thinking this looks familiar, it is a Seurat painting.

Making sure everything is in order here

The topiary boats and such.

She saw a duck. She did not know what to make of it, though the duck quite knew to keep an eye on her! Eventually she decided it wasn't worth swimming to find out, so she lost interest.

I think this is a scotty dog?

Strange how it looks exactly like her, if she were a yew tree.

Letting it know she's the boss!
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Love the last pic of her!
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Those are great. The last one is priceless!
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bless, loving the last ones too!
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wow, where is that?
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
wow, where is that?
A bit east of downtown Columbus, by the Columbus College of Art and Design. Here's their website
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Love these pics!
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Thanks for the website. I have been to one in Providence RI, called green animals. I love them, would like to do some in my yard, but looks like way too much work.
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great pics!! Very nice to see the lovely Zissou
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Oh wow I cant believe how well she is doing walking around on her leash like that. That is so cool to be able to do. Mine would freak out. Its good to see she is doing good
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Well of course she got lots of attention! She's a DOLL!

Love the pics, Julie, and it sure looks like Zissou had lots of fun. I love that last set with the Scottie Dog topiary.
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Awesome pics!!! I love the last 2
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Oh, and I realized there's none of her face! Zissou would be quite cross with me.

Here she is getting some snuggles, from someone who claims to be a lifelong cat HATER at that!

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