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You all may remember my problems with plant-noshing felines indoors. Of course, I wouldn't grow anything indoors that was poisonous to cats, but the little devils eat my herbs! However, tonight, I moved an old telephone table (originally slated for the Goodwill) into my kitchen, under the window. I had bought a rosemary plant, and put it there. Well, it's been 1 hour; 2 cats have investigated it, and walked away--even Loki, who's the worst offender! I also had it on the counter all day, as I forgot to water it (DH stuck it on top of the cabinets last week, so the cat wouldn't get it, and I forgot about it. I watered the poor, drooping thing, and stuck it under the under-cabinet lights to perk it up, and forgot about it). I saw no evidence of anyone touching it. Rosemary does have a strong, though pleasant, smell--so maybe cats don't like it. I'm desperate to have some real greenery indoors--especially some culinary herbs. I just re-did the kitchen, so it would be nice to to have some plants there.

Does anyone know of any herbs that their cats won't eat (obviously not catnip!)?